Can You Help Us?

Dear Friends,

We were on a ministry trip to Washington State when we received news that our beautiful mom was rushed to the hospital. It appears that she may not make it through this day and has been calling out for all of her children to be with her.

We quickly booked a flight out of Seattle and will be with her today (if she holds on).

This is both an unexpected turn of events and we need help to cover the costs of getting our family to her side. We don’t normally ask directly for help but if you would prayerfully consider sowing into this time that is precious and tender we’d so appreciate it.

Also, please pray for our mom’s salvation. We have been praying and the entire extended family is ministering to her at her bedside. We believe we have a promise of her salvation.

To give to us for this trip go to:

Thank you!

2 responses to “Can You Help Us?”

  1. We have been hand to mouth for the past two years, etc, praying that your precious family will see the salvation of the lord. Xoxooxoxoxox praying for you all……

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  2. Praying for your dear mother and for you !! Trusting the Lord Whom you love so deeply!!
    Much love and comfort to you all.


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