Please Help Fire Victims and Evacuees! Urgent Need!

As of this morning 175,000 residents of Sonoma County, California have been evacuated due to the rapidly spreading Kincade Fire that is ravaging the area. This comes only two years to the month after 5600 homes/structures were lost in that same county when the Tubbs/Nuns Fire broke out (many deaths as well).

Most of our immediate and extended family is there, as well as many of our dearest friends. This is where we lived most of our lives and where we raised our children. Most of the 2017 fire victims were just moving into their rebuilt homes and now they are evacuated and face another possible loss. Our sister’s family just moved into their newly rebuilt home a month ago and are now evacuated from it.

As many from Sonoma County have reached out to us we have come to realize the financial toll this will once again take upon these families. They are having to flee the area to seek out a hotel in a distant city. Most already have paid a high emotional toll and now all of the trauma of the 2017 fire is resurfacing.

We are raising money to help pay for food and lodging for many who are scared and not knowing how they will pay for these additional expenses as they also miss work.

If you can help please send a donation to our ministry with a note that specifies “Kincade Fire”. We will make sure that all funds go to help those affected by this tragic event that is still happening.

Go give go to:

Press the DONATE button on the home page. Or you can send a check to:

Inscribe Ministries

15959 SW Sundew Drive

Tigard, Oregon 97223

(Please specify your offering so that it does not go into the general ministry fund)

Thank you! And please pray for the winds to cease and the peace of God to rest upon all who are fleeing this fire.

#kincadefire #sonomastrong

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