Thank You!

Jeffrey and I want to send out a huge “Thank You” to all of my readers who prayed for us and sent financial support during our unexpected cross country move! There are no words that are adequate to express the depth of our gratitude and thankfulness for you. The kindness and support you provided was the wind that carried us through an intense two months.

We have arrived at our new home with great joy— even in the midst of trials that we had to overcome. Each point of opposition was met with provision and grace to overcome. Even my physical challenge with a severe lung issue was miraculously overcome while I was given a supernatural strength to continue the move in the midst of such a large physical challenge.

Again, we know that it was the prayers of many that carried us and will continue to carry us as we set up an East and West base.

Today we launch into our first ministry assignment as we help to host “The Glory Train Tour” with Jonathan and Jolene Hamill and Chris Mitchell. Jon and Jolene are from Washington DC and we have been walking with them over the past two years as a part of their “DC Family.” Chris Mitchell is a pastor and prophetic voice from Virginia Beach. He was a part of the strategic team with us in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 2020 and joined us (along with our DC team and Cindy Jacob) in January as we were ministering to key leaders in the Trump administration during the transition of power. Please pray for these meetings in Portland, Oregon as it is time to turn the tide in this battleground city and state. The tour will continue through California as well.

We are praying and decreeing unprecedented favor, provision, wisdom and unity upon you and your households, businesses and ministries during this time. Again, thank you so very much for holding our arms up in so many ways. This was merely one step in an ongoing journey that will continue as long as we have breath in our lungs.

With Love, Jeffrey & Kathi Pelton


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Miracles Are Increasing— Get Ready To Experience The Miraculous!

By Kathi Pelton

Just this week alone I have seen many reports of the miraculous happening but I also experienced a miracle. Last night as I sat in awe of my personal miracle— I felt the Spirit of God say that unprecedented miracles will be seen more and more with each passing month.

In a time that most of us have been touched by the death of someone we love or someone we know— and reports of sickness and tragedy fill our social media feeds— we truly are desperate to see the reports of miracles begin to replace those of disease and death.

I will share my miracle to begin with. Some of you know that I have been dealing with lung issues. But what you don’t know is how severe they had gotten. During our packing and then cross country move I was not only coughing severely but I was having great difficulty breathing. When we arrived at our new house the breathing got even worse and it was accompanied by severe pain in my chest (I couldn’t barely talk at all and honestly began to wonder if my heart was affected due to pain on my left side of my chest). I planned to go to urgent care but it has a long wait— just like the ER. On Sunday the pain in my chest and lack of breath had reached a threshold that was pretty severe and honestly I should have gone to the hospital. My husband went to church and I stayed home to rest. While I was home there came a moment when I was sitting on our sofa and suddenly it felt like something had touched me and an immediate and deep sleepiness came upon me (almost like when you receive anesthesia). I laid down and fell asleep. When I woke up about thirty minutes later I could talk and breathe deep breaths for the first time in weeks. The severe pain was gone as well. It was miraculous. When my husband got home he said that a word of knowledge that “God was healing a collapsed lung” was called out at church basically at the same time that I was being “put into a deep sleep.” Then, yesterday (just to be safe), I went and had a chest X-ray that showed that my lower left lung lobes were “stuck together” like something that had been deflated and stuck together as they re-inflated. I was given medication for this. I truly believe that my lung had collapsed and I was put to sleep by angels and it was re-inflated. What was left was mere proof that something had happened. Otherwise we would have never known except that everything turned around in that 30 minutes of sleep.

I had been sensing that we are living on the verge of miracles like we have never seen! Salvations, deliverances, healings, resurrections, conceptions and even financial miracles. I am taking my miracle as a down payment of many miracles to come!

Begin to stir up the gift of faith in the impossible situations around you. Expect a miracle, expect the help of angels, expect to see God move in a way that no man can take credit for! Let’s begin to expect and even command miracles to come forth.

Let us even believe for miracles in cities and nations— may Cuba be set free, may oppression lift off of nations that have been weighed down with control and fear. Let cities that have been violated by demonic strongholds suddenly be set free! And— may people groups that have lived in depravity and

Are we crossing the threshold of witnessing and experiencing unprecedented miracles? I think that we are! So encourage your heart and may your soul take courage in a hope that confounds the impossibles all around you!

He is the God of miracles!


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We Arrived!!

We arrived in Oregon!

Thank you all who prayed us through— state by state! We prayed through each state over the five day journey and became even more aware of God’s longing to revive our nation.

Your prayers gave us passage! We had challenges but each challenge was met with a quick solution. From a nail in our tire only one block from a tire store open late on a Sunday to a gas leak two hundred miles from our final destination which held until we arrived (had it happened sooner we would have been delayed for days). Each “problem” faced had a simple and almost immediate solution and we credit that to all the prayers going up for us along the way. Thank you so much!!

We signed the papers on our new home with only seeing four photos and looking at some aerial views on google maps. We felt that the Lord said this was the house and how right he was (as always)! It’s the perfect home and neighborhood for our family— just perfect!

Though we’ve only been here a few days now, we worked hard to set up our kitchen and living room area. Everything else is in boxes because née carpet is being installed on Wednesday. It’s good to have a couple of rooms that feel like “home.” We had sold all of our furniture in the East, therefore— on our long drive I spent many hours on FB Marketplace looking for furniture and arranging pick ups. Honestly, every piece has been perfect for the house— just perfect! Our home in the DC region was elegant but this home is homey and far more “us.” Isn’t God good?!

On a separate note, I began to have some health issues come up throughout this move as we bridge East and West. My lungs developed something that was increasingly distressing. I was coughing terribly and my lungs were so constricted that I couldn’t talk more than a few words at a time. Once we arrived in Oregon I felt a terrible pressure on my chest that made it even harder to breathe and was causing dizziness. I spent over four hours in the ER on Saturday to get it checked out but it was so busy that I finally left without being seen. On Sunday, our church here in Portland, prayed for me and although I was home resting— the pressure lifted and my breathing feels normal again. I still have extreme fatigue so I will get checked out by a doctor here. Will you join me in praying for my lungs and heart or whatever was impacted? Thank you!

There is a lot of spiritual activity in both the DC region and the Portland, Oregon area— therefore, to say “yes” to both areas can create some unusual warfare, even against our physical bodies. We are declaring that “no weapon that the enemy has formed against us will be allowed to prosper!” We are also declaring that over all of you and your families!

Once again, thank you for carrying us in prayer through a very intense month and a half. We have seen the hand of God move us into miraculous sudden transitions that could never happen this quickly without his hand and his grace to see us through.

If you are in a transition, leave me a message and we will pray the same favor and wind of his Spirit upon you as we have experienced since June 1st. Of course there have been challenges along the way but there has been divine wisdom and sovereign answers as we posture ourselves in trust. The key is to respond to God rather than to react to the challenge or battle. This posture will keep you from becoming entangled in the snare that the enemy set for you. You will remain at peace in the refuge of the Almighty.

Please continue to pray over our health, family and for the ministry base in the DC region and our home base here in the Portland region to be established. This weekend we will be hosting leaders from Washington DC in Portland— establishing Isaiah 54 in our nation.

With Gratitude and Love,

Jeffrey & Kathi Pelton


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Feeling Constricted? It’s Time to Raise Your Voice!

By Kathi Pelton

Often God will speak to me through my personal struggles or my personal victories. If I will take the time to listen and to take my eyes off of “me” then it allows me to see beyond personal circumstances into the heart of our great intercessor, Jesus.

The past month I have been dealing with something going on in my lungs that has been making it increasingly difficult to breathe. My lungs feel constricted and my breathing labored (I don’t have Covid). This has all been happening throughout a time of huge transition for my husband and I.

Yesterday this condition came to a head as my lungs became so constricted that the pressure on my chest was affecting everything that I do— especially using my voice. Then, a dear friend sent me a word that I wrote for The Elijah List exactly one year ago called, “The Battle is Over the Breath.” As I saw just the title of it, the Holy Spirit said,

“The enemy is attempting to constrict many in such a tight hold that they cannot move, cannot speak and cannot breathe. Declare the “Ruach” (breath of God) once again.”

It is no coincidence that on the very day, one year prior, that this word came out that I was at the hospital dealing with not being able to breathe. Our mouths (voices) are a great weapon for good or for evil. Our words carry life or death, blessing or cursing. We were made in the image of God and when he spoke, things came into existence. Therefore, when we speak, creativity happens— even creative miracles. Our voices form weapons against the enemies of God that take down the weapons that they have formed against us.

God is desiring to hear the voice of his Bride. There is power when his people release his Word into the atmosphere or into a life. There is power when his people intercedes. There is power when his people worship and there is power when his people call for the breath of God to fill the earth.

I saw words of life being released like a double edged sword against this “constrictor” that had wrapped itself around the people of God. The enemy is so afraid of the authority of your voice and of your breath that he has sent very targeted assignments to constrict you from walking in your authority or releasing the voice of his Spirit that is speaking through you— creating through you.

As I have been experiencing great pressure upon my chest due to the lung issue I’ve been dealing with, I began to see a great pressure that had come upon God’s people that was weighing them down and causing their hearts to race with anxiety. This is not because of their sin or lack of faith but it is an assignment and weapon that has been formed against them.

Therefore, we declared that every weapon that had been formed against God’s people will now be rendered ineffectual and turned back on the enemies of our God and his people. The constrictor is cut off now in the mighty name of Yeshua! Breathe deep and exhale his Word and his life over you, your household, your city and your nation. Declare LIFE! Declare BLESSINGS! Declare the RUACH!

I see a wind of refreshing, deliverance and resurrection coming from God that will raise you up and bring a fresh wind of personal renewal. I hear in my spirit the words, “Who can stop the Lord Almighty?”

“The Lord of Hosts Himself has planned it; therefore, who can stand in its way? It is His hand that is outstretched, so who can turn it back?” Isaiah 14:27

This verse is found in the context of the Lord’s plans to destroy Assyria. The Assyrians were notorious for their cruelty and idolatry. God is about to deal with this spirit that has invaded people and nations. This spirit has constricted their freedom to worship Yahweh and to have a voice. Not only is God dealing with the enemy that has constricted individuals, but he has plans to destroy this “Assyrian spirit” that has ruled over places like Cuba, Lebanon, Armenia and other nations that have had their freedom constricted. This spirit has been gaining strength in North America as well— constricting freedom, voices and breath. This spirit is being exposed in South Africa as well. But— WHO CAN STOP THE LORD ALMIGHTY?!

Breath is needed to run, to excel and even to live. Without breath there is no freedom— only constriction and death. We declare an end to all constriction against individuals and nations. We release of the breath of God that gives life and voice back to those who have been silenced. Declare freedom over your life and over the nations that God intends to deliver from oppression.

Let freedom ring and reign. No more constriction!


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Day Three: Missouri to Who Knows Where? And A Word From The Lord

Kathi Pelton

Day three of our cross country journey is beginning in Columbia, Missouri. We hope to stop in Nebraska but are beginning the day after a sleepless night of hotel noise and wrestles pups. Pray for strength and driving mercies as we go.

This morning I wanted to encourage you with a word from my oldest son, Corey Pelton. He works just outside of Washington DC for a large church. He woke up and heard the Holy Spirit say this to him,

“We are entering a time where I am moving through My church body like a refreshing wind, bringing a spirit of humility and tenderness. I am getting ready to raise My house to a place of power in this country, which will bring another great awakening!”

What an encouraging word! As we drive from the DC region to the Pacific Northwest we are praying for our nation and declaring his refreshing wind over every state.

One thing that I have continued to hear as we have driven is that God is establishing “green pastures and open heavens.” The other phrase I have heard is, “Get ready for an unexpected ‘come back.’” The sense was that we went from a place of being on top to being considered the underdog and a come back was unlikely. BUT GOD!! Get ready for a “But God” come back— one that no man can take credit for but God will receive the honor and glory for.

Let us live in the great expectation of a great awakening! Do not lose hope or hang your head— God is moving and will do what only he can do.


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Ride the Wave— Even When Sharks Are Nipping At Your Feet!

Ride the Wave! By Kathi Pelton

I was pondering the journey that my husband and I have been on, when I heard the Spirit speak these words,

“Always ride the wave, even when sharks are nipping at your feet.”

We have learned throughout the years to catch the wave of his favor and love— and remain there even when the enemy is nipping at our feet. When we don’t flinch or retreat, the wave lifts us higher— keeping us safe from his “bite.”

It took us a lot of years of little bites to learn how to posture our lives in extreme trust. We are all learning to respond to God rather than react to the warfare or threat.

If you are following God on this impossible mission and journey, remember to catch the wave of his Spirit and ride it to the end. Don’t look down at the sharks and the depth beneath you. Look up and enjoy the ride my friends!


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Follow Our Journey West

Dear Friends,

Thank you all who have been following our unexpected transition back west over the past month. On June 1st so much changed for us and now we are on our first day’s drive from Virginia to Oregon.

I will be sending daily updates so that you can follow our journey (that many of you sowed into) and so that you can cover us in prayer.

This past month has revealed, in a greater way to our family, why God created family. It is his family that has truly surrounded us with prayers, encouragement and even support to go where he says to go.

We are to hold up the arms of his family in Portland as we continue to lift up our nation before the throne of Grace.

On our first day— we expect to make it to Kentucky. We are driving behind our daughter and son-in-law, as they make the long trek west with us.

Please pray for their vehicle as it has already begun having some issues (as a mechanic would say, “It’s pulling up some codes that suggest a problem.” Let’s pray that any unseen problem would stay at bay until we arrive at our destination in Oregon. Pray peace upon our daughter and son-in-law (Luke & Amy) as the car issue is causing them some anxiety.

We so appreciate you all and value you more than we can say. If you would like to sow into this journey west, you can see the ways to give below.

We are praying for all of you as well— a month of unprecedented favor, blessings and breakthroughs.

With Love,

Jeffrey and Kathi Pelton

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Living In The Unfamiliar

By Kathi Pelton

I used to think that my family was unique in the fact that God had called us to constantly live in the place that I call, “the unfamiliar.” Gos has called our family in different seasons to many different regions, states and nations so it is rare for us to be familiar with a place. We have learned to find our sense of stability in God and family since scenery and homes are constantly changing.

Yet, as I look around, I realize that the entire world has become quite unfamiliar to most of the world. People who have lived in the same city and home for decades are experiencing a sense of unfamiliarity even in the most familiar places. The world has changed and there is no going back to what was once normal or familiar.

So, how do we live in this place and not become disoriented, disillusioned or lost? Though my life has prepared me to live in the midst of constant changes, even I have had to press through the emotional chaos of an entire world shifting. I believe that we can learn a lot from the story of Lot’s wife in this hour.

Lot’s wife made her home in Sodom. This place had been her home and it was where her treasures were. Memories of friends and family were there and everything familiar to her was there. Although Sodom had become a place of pride, a place where men and women lived out unnatural desires, a place that withheld help from the poor (and turned away from God), nevertheless, it was where Lot’s wife had put her treasures.

Sodom may sound familiar to many places in the world today? When fire from heaven came down and was destroying Sodom, Lot’s wife looked back at the place she had called home and longed for her treasures and her life there. When she did this, she became a pillar of salt that forever would be found looking back.

We can all admit that the past two years have given us moments of looking back and longing for “what once was.” Lot’s wife couldn’t see the justice of God destroying what had defiled men and taken them far from him— she just saw the place that her treasures were at being destroyed as she ran into the unfamiliar.

I do not know if Lot’s wife was engaged in the sin of that city or if she merely had become so familiar with it that she could live among it without experiencing God’s sorrow over it (forgetting the high eternal price that would be paid by her friends and neighbors). Whatever the case, when she looked back, she was never able to move forward or look forward again.

I have learned in all of my personal transitions and changes that I can carry “in my heart” the precious and pure memories of days gone by. I don’t have to look back at what I’m leaving behind because what is good and precious is carried with me. This posture helps me to move forward without a constant sense of loss or regrets. The longings of yesterday do not become an idol or a god that I give homage to.

I am a very sentimental person and my family is very sentimental as well. If we had our way, we would have remained in the city where our family has lived for generations. We would have picked one house and made a lifetime of memories there and we would dwell on streets that told our story and had our names. But for us, it would have been a strumbling block— our sentimental hearts could have easily made it an idol. This is not to say that God does not call many to plant themselves in one city for many generations, it is merely to say that he chose another way for us. But no matter where or what God has called you to— in these times the unfamiliar has overshadowed even the most familiar. This is a time to move forward— not to look back at even what was good in a way that may have any root of idolatry. It may be subtle but our hearts need to be longing for what is ahead and becoming familiar with the eternal so that we do not get caught tied to the temporal.

We are to be like the wise virgins looking forward— awaiting the arrival of our bridegroom. It is difficult to reconcile our familiar existence and life here on earth as something temporal. We often view heaven as an unknown or unfamiliar place. This is why it is so vital in this hour to become acquainted and familiar with God and his eternal Kingdom. The lack of familiarity with his dwelling place will always cause us to be drawn to look back and long for the temporal.

It also can cause us to filter out what is grievous to God therefore, we become overwhelmed with sorrow when God destroys what is harming the people he created. Over the past few years we have watched devastating fires ravage some of the most beautiful land in our nation, we have watched entire cities flood, hurricanes and natural disasters take what was home from many people— and some have looked back and become like pillars of salt in their grief and sorrow.

What I am sharing is a call to ask the Spirit of God to separate your heart ties from things that would cause you to despair or faint in the midst of an ever-changing world and environment. We can love and appreciate the beauty of memories, places and people without making them gods or idols. My life has been a long process of dealing with sentimental idols that attached themselves to my heart. They held me back from longing for the city whose maker is the Lord and for my Bridegroom to be my greatest longing—which keeps my eyes ahead— not behind.

To summarize— let the unfamiliar draw you into becoming familiar with that which is eternal!

“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:19-21

May our treasures and our hearts be found in heaven! This will keep our eyes looking forward— not back.


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His Peace Is Now Coming Upon Your Storm

Kathi Pelton

As most of my readers know, our family is in the ten-day countdown for yet another cross country move and transition— bridging east and west. The process was going so smoothly for the first few weeks and it appeared as though we’d just sail on smooth waters to the other side of our nation. Then…without warning, the wind picked up, the waves picked up and the storm hit. Unusual circumstances and situations began to come one after another like hail, wind and thunder. We recognized the warfare against what we are doing and because we have gone through these “trials” many times before— we knew that peace is our rudder and confident assurance in God’s victory is our hope. We we breathe in and rest in him. If you are facing storms— this word is for you.

We already know that in this life we will face tribulations and trials that feel like storms raging against our souls; but there is a truth that we can lay hold of that calms every storm and turns our tribulations into triumphs. This truth is found in Colossians 1:20,

“…and through him God reconciled everything to himself. He made peace with everything in heaven and on earth by means of Christ’s blood on the cross.” Colossians‬ ‭1:20‬

Peace has been provided for everything you’ll ever face; every trial, every circumstance, and every storm. The blood that was shed on the cross provides peace and reconciliation in all things. Though you cannot control the world around you, there is a peace that has been provided through Christ and His shed blood that becomes the rudder stabilizing you and guiding you through rough waters. ‭It is accessible for all who know Him and call upon His name.

The enemy seeks to stir up strife and create storms so that you might “drift away” from the truth that brought you into salvation and the peace that has been provided for you through the blood of the Lamb. We must hold fast to His truth that provides peace and victory to all who have allowed the blood of Jesus to reconcile them to God.

“But you must continue to believe this truth and stand firmly in it. Don’t drift away from the assurance you received when you heard the Good News…” Colossians‬ ‭1:23‬ ‭

You can have assurance of the victory of Christ in everything you will ever face. You can be at peace even now, because He is your confident assurance (faith) of things unseen and your hope that all things will work together for your good.

One of the verses that I pray almost everyday is found in Philippians 4:7,

“Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.”‭

This verse has become like a rudder for my soul. It is His peace that guards my soul (my heart and my mind). Where there is peace, warfare ceases! Though you may be in a storm or even in a battle, peace provides a confident assurance of the victory that belongs to the Lord because of the blood that was shed for you. Peace allows you to refocus your gaze and fix your eyes on things that are “worthy of praise.”

“And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.” Philippians‬ ‭4:8‬ ‭

Focusing on the storm around you will merely cause you to sink, but as you fix your eyes on the excellent and praiseworthy things (especially, upon Jesus) then you will begin to walk on the waves with peace and assurance.

“And God placed all things under his feet and appointed him to be head over everything for the church, which is his body, the fullness of him who fills everything in every way.” Ephesians‬ ‭1:22-23‬ ‭

Your storm is under His feet, and as you enter into peace and oneness with Christ, then it is under your feet as well. He is the head over all and everything is subject to His rule; even the winds and waves.

Ask for His peace to guard you and fix your eyes on Him and upon all that is praiseworthy. As you align with peace and truth you allow Christ to be the head over all the storms that you are facing. The storm in your soul will cease and the circumstantial storms that surround you will become subject to His authority and rule. The Lord takes great pleasure in us as we posture our lives in alignment with truth and oneness with Him. His pleasure releases great victories!

“When the Lord takes pleasure in anyone’s way, he causes their enemies to make peace with them.” Proverbs‬ ‭16:7‬

Fix your eyes upon Jesus! ‭


We are still raising funds for the first phase of setting up our East and West ministry and home bases. Our most recent “stormswere financially costly. We know God will provide for and cover for every need. If you would like to sow into our “peace in the storms” countdown to help make up for what was drained, go to:

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~ Thank you all for your prayers, love and continued support. We pray unprecedented favor and return upon each of you! ~

God’s Pillars Are Being Raised and Demonic Pillars Are Coming Down!

By Kathi Pelton

God has been speaking to me a lot the past few weeks about pillars. He showed me so many of his people that are being set as pillars in his house. The process of their preparation has been one of overcoming. They have stood and remained faithful to God amid trials and tribulations that would have caused most men to turn away. They have had LONG seasons of adversity and resistance that has had them wondering if they did something wrong— yet they still remained standing in faith. They have endured seasons of hardship that caused them to grow weary and they have stood alone while others attracted a crowd— but they stood and they overcame by the blood of the Lamb. Why have many had to overcome such adversity and suffering? God takes no pleasure in their pain (your pain) but there is something being built and something eternal that is happening as these ones have overcome. They are becoming pillars!

“Because you have kept My command to persevere, I also will keep you from the hour of trial which shall come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth. Behold, I am coming quickly! Hold fast what you have, that no one may take your crown. He who overcomes, I will make him a pillar in the temple of My God, and he shall go out no more. I will write on him the name of My God and the name of the city of My God, the New Jerusalem, which comes down out of heaven from My God. And I will write on him My new name.”
‭‭Revelation‬ ‭3:10-12‬ ‭

“He who overcomes will be a pillar in the temple (house) of My God…”

To those of you who have overcome much, know this…your overcoming has not been in vain! Your endurance has produced the character of Christ in you and although you may feel invisible to men— you are famous in Heaven! You are a pillar in God’s house.

I believe that you have been prepared for such a time as this when pillars will need to be put in place to hold up the highway of holiness that many will cross over on. A bridge is being prepared for many to come from darkness into light upon and you are the pillars that will hold it up.

In the natural, pillars for bridges or for tall buildings are essential for structural integrity. If they fail, the entire structure comes down. We just witnessed this in the horrific collapse of the 12-story condominium in Miami, Florida. The engineers are calling it, “Pillar failure.” They examined its pillars on the ground floor three years ago and told the owners that they needed to be retrofit to hold the structure in place. But they delayed and now we have watched over 150 lives lost and many more left without a home. All because of the faulty pillars.

I believe that even within the church there have been some “pillar failures” when men and women who held up large ministries and were trusted by many failed to overcome sin, testing and trials— causing the entire load to pancake or collapse. This has caused many to fall away from their faith. But there are also those who have stood, been prepared, been repaired and retrofit to withstand what is coming. They will be pillars that take many higher in the days to come. They have already learned to overcome and they will be pillars in his house!

I also believe that the enemy has set up pillars of those who have stood firm in deception and rebellion toward God. They have been holding up a demonic infrastructure that has become like the temple of the god of Dagon. Confusion reigns and deception blinds all those who live and worship there.

I believe that God is raising up Samson’s who will push down the pillars in the temple of demons and we will watch as they fall. I hear a crackling in my spirit and it is the demonic pillars beginning to fail as God’s pillars are put in place.

These holy pillars will not only be those who have overcome and stayed true to the Lord, but they will be those who have loved their enemies and washed the feet of those who needed mercy and have loved beyond their own pain. A baptism of agape love will be upon these pillars that brings them into the oneness of the Godhead. His glory will be upon them and the world will see them and suddenly KNOW that Jesus is Messiah.

I do not believe that these pillars are only a “few” who have been chosen but it is a call to ALL who will overcome and honor the Lord no matter the cost. You can be a pillar that strengthens the whole or you can be a victim of circumstances which will cause many to fall under what you were called to hold up.

IF YOU HAVE OVERCOME TRIAL AFTER TRIAL…begin to praise God because you have been prepared to be placed as a pillar in His house. What an honor and privilege to chosen and prepared— to be trusted with adversity for the sake of his Kingdom. I believe you are about to see how your personal (and often unseen) stance of faithfulness amid severe testing has prepared you for this time.

Your reward is eternal! I believe that you will be strengthened by a posture of praise and releasing gratefulness for all of your suffering. This will wash away any remaining weakness from the weariness of standing through storms— it will retrofit the weak areas and give you a personal turnaround and a corporate authority.

I remember a time when I was going through many years of pain due to infertility, a well-known Vineyard pastor came up to me and said, “God told me to tell you that he has trusted you with suffering so that you can be trusted with victory.” I was undone by God’s kindness to redeem the pain and give purpose to the years of tears.

It is time for the overcomers to be found as pillars for what will carry his glory and be a bridge of salvation. His temple will be all together glorious and you will live there forevermore. It is also time for the Samson’s to enter the demonic temples and by the strength of the Lord, push down the pillars of worship to false gods.

What a glorious gift we have been given as we have overcome!


Thank you to all of my readers who have stood like pillars for us through prayer and financial support. You overwhelm us!

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