God’s Pillars Are Being Raised and Demonic Pillars Are Coming Down!

By Kathi Pelton

God has been speaking to me a lot the past few weeks about pillars. He showed me so many of his people that are being set as pillars in his house. The process of their preparation has been one of overcoming. They have stood and remained faithful to God amid trials and tribulations that would have caused most men to turn away. They have had LONG seasons of adversity and resistance that has had them wondering if they did something wrong— yet they still remained standing in faith. They have endured seasons of hardship that caused them to grow weary and they have stood alone while others attracted a crowd— but they stood and they overcame by the blood of the Lamb. Why have many had to overcome such adversity and suffering? God takes no pleasure in their pain (your pain) but there is something being built and something eternal that is happening as these ones have overcome. They are becoming pillars!

“Because you have kept My command to persevere, I also will keep you from the hour of trial which shall come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth. Behold, I am coming quickly! Hold fast what you have, that no one may take your crown. He who overcomes, I will make him a pillar in the temple of My God, and he shall go out no more. I will write on him the name of My God and the name of the city of My God, the New Jerusalem, which comes down out of heaven from My God. And I will write on him My new name.”
‭‭Revelation‬ ‭3:10-12‬ ‭

“He who overcomes will be a pillar in the temple (house) of My God…”

To those of you who have overcome much, know this…your overcoming has not been in vain! Your endurance has produced the character of Christ in you and although you may feel invisible to men— you are famous in Heaven! You are a pillar in God’s house.

I believe that you have been prepared for such a time as this when pillars will need to be put in place to hold up the highway of holiness that many will cross over on. A bridge is being prepared for many to come from darkness into light upon and you are the pillars that will hold it up.

In the natural, pillars for bridges or for tall buildings are essential for structural integrity. If they fail, the entire structure comes down. We just witnessed this in the horrific collapse of the 12-story condominium in Miami, Florida. The engineers are calling it, “Pillar failure.” They examined its pillars on the ground floor three years ago and told the owners that they needed to be retrofit to hold the structure in place. But they delayed and now we have watched over 150 lives lost and many more left without a home. All because of the faulty pillars.

I believe that even within the church there have been some “pillar failures” when men and women who held up large ministries and were trusted by many failed to overcome sin, testing and trials— causing the entire load to pancake or collapse. This has caused many to fall away from their faith. But there are also those who have stood, been prepared, been repaired and retrofit to withstand what is coming. They will be pillars that take many higher in the days to come. They have already learned to overcome and they will be pillars in his house!

I also believe that the enemy has set up pillars of those who have stood firm in deception and rebellion toward God. They have been holding up a demonic infrastructure that has become like the temple of the god of Dagon. Confusion reigns and deception blinds all those who live and worship there.

I believe that God is raising up Samson’s who will push down the pillars in the temple of demons and we will watch as they fall. I hear a crackling in my spirit and it is the demonic pillars beginning to fail as God’s pillars are put in place.

These holy pillars will not only be those who have overcome and stayed true to the Lord, but they will be those who have loved their enemies and washed the feet of those who needed mercy and have loved beyond their own pain. A baptism of agape love will be upon these pillars that brings them into the oneness of the Godhead. His glory will be upon them and the world will see them and suddenly KNOW that Jesus is Messiah.

I do not believe that these pillars are only a “few” who have been chosen but it is a call to ALL who will overcome and honor the Lord no matter the cost. You can be a pillar that strengthens the whole or you can be a victim of circumstances which will cause many to fall under what you were called to hold up.

IF YOU HAVE OVERCOME TRIAL AFTER TRIAL…begin to praise God because you have been prepared to be placed as a pillar in His house. What an honor and privilege to chosen and prepared— to be trusted with adversity for the sake of his Kingdom. I believe you are about to see how your personal (and often unseen) stance of faithfulness amid severe testing has prepared you for this time.

Your reward is eternal! I believe that you will be strengthened by a posture of praise and releasing gratefulness for all of your suffering. This will wash away any remaining weakness from the weariness of standing through storms— it will retrofit the weak areas and give you a personal turnaround and a corporate authority.

I remember a time when I was going through many years of pain due to infertility, a well-known Vineyard pastor came up to me and said, “God told me to tell you that he has trusted you with suffering so that you can be trusted with victory.” I was undone by God’s kindness to redeem the pain and give purpose to the years of tears.

It is time for the overcomers to be found as pillars for what will carry his glory and be a bridge of salvation. His temple will be all together glorious and you will live there forevermore. It is also time for the Samson’s to enter the demonic temples and by the strength of the Lord, push down the pillars of worship to false gods.

What a glorious gift we have been given as we have overcome!


Thank you to all of my readers who have stood like pillars for us through prayer and financial support. You overwhelm us!

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Choose Life! This is Your 10:10 Moment

By Kathi Pelton

For many years now I have been having the Spirit highlight the number 10:10 to me.

It began one October night in a parking lot as I waited for my husband to grab some items in a grocery store after a long drive home from first an international trip followed by speaking at a conference. I was too exhausted to walk through a grocery store.

As soon as my husband stepped out of the car I was taken by the Spirit into a vision where I was shown a calendar with 10:10 upon it and told that it was our 10:10 moment. It was a mysterious vision that I only lasted for a few minutes but it was as if the numbers 10:10 were branded upon my spirit.

When I came out of this vision or trance I was disoriented and I was sure that the date was 10/10 (October 10th) but as I became reoriented I realized that it was actually 10/20 (October 20th). My husband arrived back at the car right after this experience and when I told him that something unusual happened while he was in the store he told me that as he got out of the car the Spirit told him that God was going to show me something significant while he shopped.

This short experience truly was branded upon me. The treasure hunt for its meaning began. What was our “10:10 moment”? My sense was that it would unfold through time and revelation.

There were two scriptures immediately highlighted to me regarding the 10:10. One was the familiar and obvious verse out of John 10:10,

“The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

Then the less obvious verse that was given to me comes from Matthew 10:10,

“Don’t carry a traveler’s bag with a change of clothes and sandals or even a walking stick. Don’t hesitate to accept hospitality, because those who work deserve to be fed.”

Since we travel often and have lived by faith for financial provision the Matthew 10:10 verse was a comfort and confirmation of us continuing to follow His steps in faith, knowing that He will provide as we go. It was a personal message to us. But the John 10:10 has been both personal and corporate.

Since that night back in October 2014 we have been seeing the redemption of all that the enemy came to steal, kill and destroy in our lives reversed. God’s “moments” are rarely a moment as we understand but more like a period of time. As a prophetic person I often will live something out on a personal level that will later be manifest on a corporate level. I sense that a corporate 10:10 moment has come and with it great and abundant life will be restored.

I hear two words ringing in my spirit. They are,

“Choose Life!”

These are familiar words to me as they were words that many years ago saved my life. My young life had what I would call a “taproot of death” within it. When things would get hard I’d truly want to die. It was a deception of relief and escape that wanted to steal the truth of God as my helper and the One who gives abundant life to me.

As a child who came from a difficult home life I had learned to escape in my soul to this place that opened the door to the spirit of death that wanted to steal and destroy my life. Escape and death became my “comforter” rather than the Holy Spirit being my Comforter (I didn’t know the Lord at this time).

This was carried into my life as an adult and even into my life as a Christian in the early years. When times got hard I’d first call on God but quickly resort to this deceptive place of false comfort. Eventually this turned into a place where addiction was introduced.

The Lord took me through a three year period where He was exposing and removing this taproot of death from my life. It was the greatest war that I ever experienced as the enemy sought to keep this root secured in my life. One day, in a time of the greatest point in this battle the Lord loudly spoke to my spirit saying,


The verse from Deuteronomy 30:19-20 called out to me,

“This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live and that you may love the Lord your God, listen to his voice, and hold fast to him. For the Lord is your life, and he will give you many years in the land he swore to give to your fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.”

In a final and intense moment I left the threshold of death and walked over the threshold of abundant life. As I did this the root was cut off and my entire life changed. It was a complete reversal and I began to experience life and love in ways that I never dreamed possible. It was truly an Ephesians 3:20 experience!

I believe that there are some of you who are reading this article right now that God has been after this taproot of death. He has been in the process of removing the roots that have formed out of this taproot and now it is time to pull out the main root which is death. God desires your life to be free of the expectations of living with a thief in your life to living the abundant life that comes from havIng the Root of Jesse (Jesus) the source of your life.

This is your 10:10 moment where the root cause of your pain and disappointment is removed. The open door to the thief will be removed and the “Root of Jesse” will replace it.

‬ “”And in that day there shall be a Root of Jesse, Who shall stand as a banner to the people; For the Gentiles shall seek Him, And His resting place shall be glorious.””

‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭11:10‬ ‭

Your 10:10 moment of seeing the thief removed will secure the 11:10 life of seeing the Root of Jesse established and enthroned in your life. It will give you rest and be glorious! You will become a glorious resting place for Him as well.

Today the Spirit is calling for you to “Choose Life!” Allow every alignment with death to be removed by His precious Spirit that gives life. Allow every word that speaks death to be silenced, every belief that expects robbery to be removed and every false comfort to be replaced by the true Comforter. He desires you latter part of John 10:10 for you,

“…I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

We have been reborn from a death sentence to the grace that gives us life. Death must go and the thief must be cast out. Ask the Spirit for the Root of Jesse to be planted as the taproot in your heart and life.

As I have been writing this article the Lord keeps saying that this is a 360 degree adjustment in your life— a full rotation, reversal and turn around from death and disappointment to life and abundance. This is the time of divine turn around. The stone will be removed so that you can come forth in resurrection power.

Justice and mercy will be poured out upon your life to restore you from all that this spirit or root of death has stolen from you. His favor will come upon your life as you choose life and his blessings. Believe for nothing less!

Psalms‬ ‭36:10‬



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Please Pray!

Dear Friends,

As most of you know, we are in the middle of a big transition! We are setting up a home base back in the Pacific Northwest and setting up a new base in the DC region. Two homes, two bases— one assignment! “To see God’s original intent for our nation be established.”

Our first focus is to get to the Pacific Northwest to set up home, an office for our publishing company and our ministry base.

Things had been going so good— we signed papers on a home with the perfect office for Jeff, we sold all of our furniture here in Virginia (except what we are storing for the base here), we bought a truck for the cross country move (we will pull a U-Haul trailer with our personal items in boxes and with our business items) and we had just about hit our financial goal for the move.

Then came this past week. We felt in our spirits the warfare suddenly “ramp up” but we remained steadfast in standing offensively and in gratitude toward God and all of His help. We have had numerous unexpected things happen that have not only consumed time but they have cost us an exorbitant amount of money. One of the situations will require us to seek legal counsel (it is a matter of injustice and intimidation). We are posturing ourselves in blessing, even as those will ill intent seek to rob from us peace and finances.

In the midst of these unexpected and unusual situations coming upon us, I developed an infection that has required strong antibiotics and began experiencing asthma on a level that I’ve never had before. Inhalers aren’t working and I will have to see a pulmonary specialist when we arrive in Oregon. The doctor suspects it may be something more than asthma (it’s not Covid).

We feel that this is a spiritual attack. The two places that God has specifically assigned us to (Portland, Oregon and Washington DC) are known for having high level witchcraft which often is directed at those who God has assigned to these regions to disrupt the enemy’s agenda and to establish God’s ways and standards. Due to our public ministry and name, we often experience this sort of activity aimed at our family.

Our posture has always been not to bring a lot of attention to what the enemy is up to but to stay focused on what God is doing. We sensed that the Holy Spirit said that it is time for reinforcements.

That is you!

We are asking you to come into agreement that every demonic assignment be stopped and turned back on the enemy. We are asking for double in returned for all the trouble he has caused. We are declaring that no weapon formed against us, our family, our business or our ministry will prosper in any way and that all witchcraft sent against us will be broken by the blood of Yeshua! We are also believing and agreeing in prayer for my healing (lungs and infection). Lastly, the warfare seems to have touched some of our adult children- specifically the two who will be returning to Oregon with us. Please pray for their peace, the restoration of all that has been stolen from them and for favor for employment and housing in Oregon.

Thank you for standing with us! We are so encouraged to know that we have this group that we can reach out to and ask for help when reinforcements are needed. We thank God for you daily and we are so grateful to have such a loving God, angelic help and a family in the body of Christ that will take up our cause.

Please pray! We want our next update to be a praise update! ♥️


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Why Washington DC and Portland, Oregon? There Is A Good Report!

By Kathi Pelton

God has asked my husband and I to plant our feet in two places— Portland, Oregon and Washington DC— these two battlegrounds.

I often wondered why our family has had to go through many “battles” but I now know that we have been trained and equipped to live at peace in high level battlefield regions and circumstances. We have learned to overcome and to find the door of hope that exists in every wilderness. God has trained many pioneers in this way. The pioneers are about to establish that which they have been forging for many years.

I don’t have to explain the battle that we are in for our nation here in the DC region but we have learned to battle with the weapons of love and peace— and authority through blessing and forgiveness. Now, as we set up a home base in the Portland region and a base in the DC region we will ask the Lord for a double measure of the weapons of love and peace to pour forth. The pioneers (many pioneers with many different assignments) are on the move— compelled by love!

Portland’s crime rate in 2021 has gone up 533%! No, that is not a typo…it is actually 533%. Shootings alone have skyrocketed 123%! This is the highest rise in crime in the nation. But— I have seen God’s original intent for this city! I have been taken into his heart for it and into his pain over it. There is a good report and it is that GOD LOVES PORTLAND AND WE WILL NOT REST UNTIL HE HAS HIS FULL INHERITANCE!

I was also taken into an encounter with his love for Washington DC— as he called DC, “Ephram, my son.” He was weeping over it and repeated over and over, “Ephram, my son.” Then he asked me if I would love him like he loves him? It was so incredibly personal to him and I was undone and so surprised. I wept with him and said, “Yes.”

Ephram means “very fruitful” as well as being symbolic of one who is humble and not selfish. This is what our nation is to be. Our fruit (wealth) is to be shared with those who are in need— in humble servant hood. We are to be a blessing and a storehouse to the whole world.

This is why my husband and I have said yes to both Washington DC and Portland, Oregon. I believe that Portland is the center of what I have seen as the Western gateway of our nation. It is the lock and the enemy does not want it unlocked (which will allow the gates to swing open). The key is oneness with Him and oneness as his people (John 17:20-23). A baptism of love will come upon this city!

What if God has intended Portland to be a port where his love and glory is released to the entire nation? Why is there such a fierce battle over this place? The cause of this battle is far more than the lack of integrity and the fear of the Lord in the natural governmental integrity— it is that spiritual governmental authority needs to shift the tide. The destiny of this city is connected to the heart of God. The enemy is trying to provoke the church in Portland into disgust, anger and cursing but they just keep on loving more! They know that Jesus is the source of Portland’s healing! Blessing will overtake the cursing. Those who have been holding the ground are weary but they let the Lord strengthen them daily. Reinforcements are needed (every high level battle has reinforcements sent in). They need to have humble reinforcements, who will honor and serve but who understand oneness, authority and know God’s desire for the city. Many will come to stand with them until the Father has what he desires.

It is interesting that the crime rate is up 533% because I keep hearing Isaiah 53:3 as the cause and the solution,

“He was despised and rejected by men, a man of suffering who knew what sickness was. He was like someone people turned away from; He was despised, and we didn’t value Him.” Isaiah‬ ‭53:3‬ ‭

The enemy has wanted Portland to be his templet city of “despising and turning away from God.” Yet, God has placed humble men and women, who have not turned away from him but who honor him (walk in the fear of the Lord) to stand and hold the ground until the appointed time where he will turn the tide and mark the city with a love revival. It will move from despising the Lord to the fulfillment of Isaiah 54 that says this,

““Rejoice, childless one, who did not give birth; burst into song and shout, you who have not been in labor! For the children of the forsaken one will be more than the children of the married woman,” says the Lord. “Enlarge the site of your tent, and let your tent curtains be stretched out; do not hold back; lengthen your ropes, and drive your pegs deep. For you will spread out to the right and to the left, and your descendants will dispossess nations and inhabit the desolate cities. “Do not be afraid, for you will not be put to shame; don’t be humiliated, for you will not be disgraced. For you will forget the shame of your youth, and you will no longer remember the disgrace of your widowhood. Indeed, your husband is your Maker — His name is Yahweh of Hosts — and the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer; He is called the God of all the earth. For the Lord has called you, like a wife deserted and wounded in spirit, a wife of one’s youth when she is rejected,” says your God. “I deserted you for a brief moment, but I will take you back with great compassion. In a surge of anger I hid My face from you for a moment, but I will have compassion on you with everlasting love,” says the Lord your Redeemer. “For this is like the days of Noah to Me: when I swore that the waters of Noah would never flood the earth again, so I have sworn that I will not be angry with you or rebuke you. Though the mountains move and the hills shake, My love will not be removed from you and My covenant of peace will not be shaken,” says your compassionate Lord. “Poor Jerusalem, storm-tossed, and not comforted, I will set your stones in black mortar, and lay your foundations in sapphires. I will make your fortifications out of rubies, your gates out of sparkling stones, and all your walls out of precious stones. Then all your children will be taught by the Lord, their prosperity will be great, and you will be established on a foundation of righteousness. You will be far from oppression, you will certainly not be afraid; you will be far from terror, it will certainly not come near you. If anyone attacks you, it is not from Me; whoever attacks you will fall before you. Look, I have created the craftsman who blows on the charcoal fire and produces a weapon suitable for its task; and I have created the destroyer to cause havoc. No weapon formed against you will succeed, and you will refute any accusation raised against you in court. This is the heritage of the Lord’s servants, and their righteousness is from Me.” This is the Lord’s declaration.” Isaiah‬ ‭54:1-17‬ ‭

I believe that this chapter in Isaiah is also a promise over our nation. So we will declare it over Washington DC— we will prophesy it over Portland— we will hold onto it until it comes upon Jerusalem and all the ends of the earth.

Pray for us as we set up both locations! These two locations hold keys for every city in the nation to become fruitful— and a storehouse for the nation and the nations of the world. Let’s see our nation go from the place of turning away from God and despising him (and his ways) to calling him Redeemer and Husband. A returning to God!

Portland will no longer have the word ICHABOD graffitied by the enemy upon her beauty and her inhabitants— but the glory of the Lord will return and she will be a beautiful bride. Her people will be saved, delivered from captivity and her sons and daughters will prophesy. Let’s see Portland be a place of reverence and honor to God. She will be a “tent of his presence” that causes many to find their home in Christ.

I believe that God intends Washington DC to come into sonship— like the prodigal son coming back from rebellion and squandering his inheritance on worthless things. In humility and repentance— DC will return home to a Father who has been waiting and watching for his return. A ring will be placed on his finger and a robe to cover the nakedness— a great celebration will occur.

This article began as a “pondering post” about why God is asking us to go back and forth between Portland and DC (and to touch cities/states along the way). But as I wrote I could feel the spirit of prophecy come upon my words to make declarations about these two key locations and about the movement of pioneers that will clear the way for the establishment of God’s Kingdom.

May his glory return to our nation!


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Oh, How He Loves Us

By Kathi Pelton

A precious memory came up on my FB today that ushered me into an encounter with his love that took my breath away. It was a video clip of when my youngest daughter and two other friends did a 3 am worship set (for a thirty hour continuous worship time) in West Palm, Florida. My daughter was singing, “Oh, How He Loves Us” (see the clip on my FB page) and the moment I clicked on the short video clip the love and presence of the Lord just filled my room– it was like being transported back to that precious and deep moment in time. Then, once again I suddenly realized that “how he loves us” is not merely a memory of a single moment but it is a constant and never-ending reality that we can enter into at any given moment.

Immediately, I had an overwhelming sense that more than anything else in this hour, the Lord wants his people to know the depths, heights, width and length of his love for us. That is why he came, why he died and why we are the focus of his adoration. When his people begin to understand how much he loves us– not merely in moments but every moment of every day– then we will be so undone by this experiential truth that we will begin to exude his love to a world that is longing to be loved right where they are.

Sometimes, as the people of God, we can get so task oriented that we forget what this life is really about. We were created to “walk with God”– to walk hand in hand in deep intimacy with our Beloved.

“I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine; he browses among the lilies.” Song of Solomon 6:3

I want to be “overflow” oriented rather than task oriented. When you are in love (truly and completely in love), you don’t have to be asked to do something for the one you love or asked to talk about the one you love– it just pours out from the overflow of being overwhelmed by love.

I have had the honor of walking with a global family for the past twenty years and we have experienced some of the deepest moments with God and one another as we gathered in different nations together to worship him and to pour out our love to him. Yet, since 2020 we can only meet through ZOOM calls but something powerful and life changing has happened in our physical separation. Our spirits and souls have connected on a level that is so deep and so intimate that we are left undone by the love that we are experiencing. His love has been demonstrated in such tangible and healing ways that we are watching people groups and nations healed. The love of God is changing us and transforming us each day.

We are not just saying the words, “I love you.” to one another but we are being brought into a holy hunger, an unquenchable longing and a desire that spans past pains. This love that has come upon us is causing us to forgive the unforgivable grievances of history and of sin. Painful divisions and cultural separations are being mended and fences are being torn down. It is not merely unity that we are experiencing but true ONENESS. We did not do anything to cause this to happen (beyond showing up) and yet, it is happening in ways that are causing us to break through every past barrier to give ourselves fully to him and to one another. We are weeping with those who weep and rejoicing with those who are rejoicing.

This is how nations, people groups and families are forever changed! It is the revelation and experience of how much he loves us. It transforms us and it revives us. I believe the revival has begun and it is a love revival that will mark every person with the words, “Oh, how he loves us.” It will heal, it will restore, it will bring reconciliation and it will make us ONE. The hurting ones and confused ones, who have yet to come to know and experience his love, will be drawn like a moth to a flame to the love that exudes from his people. It will answer the prayer of Jesus when he prayed for believers in John 17:20-23,

“My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me. I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one— I in them and you in me—so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.”

Complete unity! This is oneness with God and his people. Then the world will know how much he loves them. God is lovesick for us and we are about to become so lovesick for him that nothing will stop us from running through the streets and telling anyone who will listen as we tell them about how much he loves us.

I sense that we have been in a time, such as in the Book of the Song of Solomon, when the Shulamite is in her bed at night and she begins to long so deeply for the one she loves that she rises and begins to run through the city streets, “seeking the one she loves.” When she finds him, she holds him and does not let him go. We are like those who are running through the streets, searching for the one we love. Our longing is being heightened to the point that we will cast off all restraints. We are about to find him and hold him (and never let him go). Those in the streets will watch and long for this love.

Restraints are falling off because we are getting love sick! The pain of the past two years is producing a tenderness and a longing that cannot be filled with anything but his love. We are becoming one bride, running together to find the one our hearts love. The divisions are falling away, the restraints are falling away and the separation is getting more and more narrow so that soon we will stand as one bride holding our Beloved…and never letting him go.

Oh, how he loves us!


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God’s Whirlwind Is Coming Upon You

By Kathi Pelton

I heard and wrote this word quite a while ago and yet the Lord has brought it back to the forefront and said, “This is a ‘now’ word from my Spirit.” Receive it!

I have been experiencing what I can only describe as a “whirlwind of God.” I was taken into the place of this whirlwind, prophetically, and I saw it rest upon those who have stood in His faithfulness in the midst of adversity. I saw it come upon those who have given out of their own need. And I saw it come upon the faithful remnant that has honored the Lord with shouts of, “Great is Your faithfulness!” in the midst of the storms.

This whirlwind of Heaven will displace the enemy and his demonic assignments sent against you and it will bring you what I heard called “crazy favor” that will make a way for you where there appears no way!

A road will suddenly appear in your wilderness, a stream in your desert and a refreshing cool breeze upon your parched soul. I see sudden and sovereign breakthroughs coming that leave His faithful ones wondering if they are dreaming or if it is real.

There will be shouts that say, “Look what God has done for us!” heard across the land! Contagious joy will fuel this whirlwind and the joyful laughter that comes upon those who have been touched by this will create “spin off” whirlwinds that land upon those who have wavered in their faith, and they will suddenly rise up once again out of their ashes, and beauty will burst forth from their lives.

This whirlwind of heavenly activity will activate faith in many and will cause resurrection power to be released in the atmosphere. The suddenly of God is in this “swirl” and a great movement will come forth from those it touches.

Thank You, God, for the heavenly atmosphere that is invading earthly circumstances and human vessels!



We are laying hands and declaring “crazy favor” and abundant blessings over each one of your names and households!

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The Preparation of Pillars That Will Bridge Nations

By Kathi Pelton

Recently I received a prophetic word from a precious sister from Russia that spoke of my husband and I being like a bridge that would span or connect East and West in our nation. Along with the word she sent a time lapse video of an incredibly long bridge that has been under construction in Croatia. As I watched the time lapse of its construction, the majority of time and energy was spend on the pillars that would uphold this bridge. The time that it took to actually connect the pillars with the bridge was much shorter.

After watching this video, the Holy Spirit began to speak to be about how, for many decades, he has been preparing those who will stand like pillars to bridge nations. I saw the intricate details that began first with going deep below the surface to secure them in the depths of the foundation of Christ. That process alone took many years— testing, refining and aligning. Then the process of building them into “pillars” has been another lengthy time that required these men and women to stand before him as yielded vessels who would allow the work of his Spirit to build their endurance, their character and their posture before him.

When these natural pillars were completed, they had the appearance of men or women with their legs deep in the water and their arms outstretched to either side— reaching out for the pillar to their left and their right.

I immediately thought of the verses from John 17: 20-23 that says,

““I am praying not only for these disciples but also for all who will ever believe in me through their message. I pray that they will all be one, just as you and I are one—as you are in me, Father, and I am in you. And may they be in us so that the world will believe you sent me. “I have given them the glory you gave me, so they may be one as we are one. I am in them and you are in me. May they experience such perfect unity that the world will know that you sent me and that you love them as much as you love me.” John‬ ‭17:20-23‬ ‭

There has been an continuous process and preparation in these men and women to be still and to allow the things that create division or independence from God (and one another) to be removed, repented of and delivered from so that these prepared pillars can come into oneness with God and then be joined as “one with one another” so that a bridge is created for those who will come to Christ and cross over. Even our precious Jewish family. When we are one…then the world will know!

The process of being prepared has been decades of refinement and detailed preparation. You may be one of these pillars and you’ve wondered why you’ve had to stand in such a constant state of preparation for what appeared to have little connection to anything. You’ve often stood alone, being strengthened by the Lord. But your preparation for connection is nearing! Your arms are outstretched in a posture of prayer and longing to be connected.

Do not lose heart now! The pieces that bridge and connect lands and people to God and one another will come into place very soon. There is a spiritual “bridge over troubled waters” being made ready and soon many will cross over!

Your standing still and standing in faith that the preparation has been for a purpose will soon be made known. End time pillars needed to be reinforced to withstand the weight of all who will cross over while being unmovable in the troubled seas that their feet stand in. The bridge that you will help hold up will allow those coming to Christ to be held above the waves while providing them a safe passage. A global family will emerge that creates sonship in all who passover into salvation.

Keep standing! It may be all you know to do at this point but very soon your posture will have purpose!


Thank you to all who have sown into our transition to bridge East and West as we set up a home base on the West Coast and a base in the East Coast (Washington DC Region). We are almost at our goal for the first phase on in the west!

If you would like to help us to reach our goal, you can send a financial gift to: https://www.inscribeministries.com/


Send a US check or USD Money Order to the address below (until 7/15/2021),

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After 7/15/2021 send to:

Inscribe Ministries 149 NE Ocean Loop Hillsboro, OR 97124

Thank you for standing with us as we see miracles happen!

Never Regret Your Yes

By Kathi Pelton

Next year marks 40 years since the first time my husband and I gave our first “yes” to the Lord and left the home that we loved and all our family to say yes to him. That first “yes” was a bumpy road— partly due to our youthfulness (and the crazy homesickness that I experienced) and partly due to “what was promised was not delivered.” We gave up our beautiful life in Northern California and moved 2241 miles to a place we’d never been…because we wanted our lives to matter and we wanted to follow Jesus! From the very first day we arrived it was hard and the next two years only got harder before we left. I remember when we finally decided to go home (after the leader fell into sin), I felt so much sadness— I felt foolish— I felt like I’d somehow failed— and regrets overshadowed why we had gone in the first place. We had left everything and everyone to follow Jesus! The Lord quickly spoke to me and said, “Daughter, never regret your yes.” I understood that though I had no way of measuring the success that looked like failure to anyone looking on…the Father measured every yes given to his Son as an act of worship and there are no regrets to be carried in that offering.

Now, forty years later and thirty-one homes later…we are still giving our “yes.” We are not so naive now to think that we measure success by what man sees but rather by what God receives. Throughout all the years of saying “yes” we have had “pinch yourself” moments that were so beyond what we could have asked or imagined and we have had moments of pain so deep that we wondered if we’d survive. But no matter if it was “awe” or if it was “weeping”…he was and is worthy of it all.

So don’t judge the pure “yes” that caused you to cross a country or an ocean or leave the ones you love. Don’t judge by the man-made measure of success and don’t judge yourself “yes” harshly— what is offered to him is eternal and the fruit of that yes will reap a bountiful harvest. If you know someone who sacrificed much to give their yes— do not judge or glory in what might look to your eyes as failure. God sees it differently!

Please know that this word is not coming forth because of our upcoming move from the DC region back to the West Coast because we have great confidence in what God has begun in our focused time in DC and our continuing journey with what was planted…this word comes out of witnessing a lot of people give their “yes” during the past couple of years that other might view as “failure”, but know this— it is counted to them as a great reward because Jesus is smiling at their offering of praise! Their yes is still making him smile.

If you are young (or old— or in between) and your excited “yes” did not turn out how you hoped and dreamed please do not take on regret! I fully believe that the very first “yes” that my husband and I gave— which ended in what looked like absolute failure and a waste of time and money— was a seed planted in our lives of becoming a disciple of Jesus. It was worship to him because of our hearts, not because of our accolades. Honestly, though it was painful, God used it as part of our journey and the training of our hearts.

I woke up this morning hearing in my spirit the tears of those who felt great excitement about a venture they said yes to that now has no measurable success. First, your mere “yes” was a victory from the start! Every sacrifice and offering of “leaving all to follow Christ” is a victory. Every mile, every moment, every tear, every homesick and heartsick feeling, every sleepless night…it is all counted as worship.

Don’t you remember the reaction of those who looked on as Mary poured out the expensive bottle of perfume over the feet of Jesus, along with her tears? They mocked her and said that it was a senseless waste. But over 2000 years later it is still seen as one of the greatest acts of worship. Your yes is like that alabaster jar of perfume, broken and poured out over his feet in worship. There is to be no regrets and there is surely no way to measure the worship that is poured out in these moments. These are eternally remembered!

Keep saying YES! Keep pouring out your life and do not let regret take away the offering that you gave. Don’t judge your “act of worship” and don’t listen to the mockers who look on judging the offering wrongly. He was glorified!

I hear the words, “Well done.” over many of you right now. I see Jesus crowned and exalted by the yes that you offered. I see angels being sent to water the seed that may look as if it died and yet we know that He is a God of resurrection power. I wish that I could give you my life experience of what looks like many successes and many failures…because you’d understand that it all produced endurance, character and even the brokenness released perfume that anointed his feet.

“No regrets for your yes, Beloved!”

The Lord has been glorified! You will see fruit one day if you will allow it to be perfume over his feet rather than regretting the cost that was paid. He is so ravished by you and overwhelmed by your offering. Well done!!


Thank you to all who have sown into our cross country move to set up a home base on the West Coast and a base in the DC region. You are amazing!

Our first goal of reaching $10,000.00 has only $3000 left to go! That has all happened in just two weeks! Once we get the Oregon home base established, we will begin focusing on the Virginia (DC region) base. We will travel back and forth between Oregon and DC throughout each year.

If you would like to sow into the last $3k needed or into the second phase in Virginia, go to: https://www.inscribeministries.com/

You can also send a check or money order to: Inscribe Ministries 12400 Regiment Lane Fredericksburg, VA 22407

Or, after July 15th to: Inscribe Ministries 149 NE Ocean Loop Hillsboro, OR 97124


Dear Friends,

We wanted to send you an update and praise report on our sudden and unexpected transition.

As most of you read in my previous update— we were praying about God’s direction for our next move. On June 1st we found out that we were going to have to move from our current home in the Washington DC region and both my husband and I immediately had a sense that the Lord was in it and that it was more than a move to a different house nearby.

As we sought the Lord and sought prayer and counsel from trusted friends, we all felt as though the Lord has given us two instructions:

1. Set up our “home base” back in the Portland, Oregon area (they need quite the spiritual support there).

2. Establish a new base in the DC region (we also need an incredible amount of spiritual reinforcements here).

One of the words we received is that God is setting us up as “bookends” in the nation that will help hold up east and west. Another word that came from almost everyone who prayed with us was, “Where is home?” The spiritual answer is that home is wherever Jesus has sent us (where he is) but the clear question was, “Where do we feel like home is?” We had to say, “It is in Oregon.”

Therefore, we are now making preparations for a double assignment— set up our home base in Oregon and set up a place to stay during our months in the DC region each year. We have created lifelong relationships and connections in both places.

I will not bore you with the hundreds of details that are involved in this huge transition but I will say that prayer is appreciated to see all the pieces fall into place at the right time. We have only about thirty days to see the first phase come together.


The first stage of this transition is getting to Oregon. This alone quickly became a minimum cost of $10k! We know that God provides for what he asks so we started the process with our confidence in him. Within 48 hours we had a miraculous $6k come in toward this portion of the move! We are overwhelmed by the kindness of God and generosity of his people. He is so good and faithful as we give our “yes” to him.


We quickly discovered that Covid not only effects everyday life but it has greatly effected costs of moving trucks, housing and everything in between. We are in need of another $5,000 in the next 30 days. It sounds like a tall order but as we saw during the first 48 hours— nothing is too tall for our God!

We need your prayers for strength, grace, protection, continued wisdom and open doors. We also need financial help to meet the need for the first stage of setting up the West Coast home base.

If you desire to stand with us in financial support, you can give a gift on our ministry website at: https://www.inscribeministries.com/

You can also send a check or money order to Inscribe Ministries to:

12400 Regiment Lane Fredericksburg, Virginia 22407

(Gifts are tax deductible in the US)

Thank you for both the prayers and the giving. We will see you in the West and in the East!

A Divine Victory

By Kathi Pelton

Many of you have been and are even now facing what appears to be “giants” that taunt you and mock you with the words of sure defeat. You feel small in the shadow of the giants that stand before you, much like young David must have looked as he stood before the giant Goliath and his vast army, who were positioned in battle array. David stood with no armor, no physical strength, no army backing him and no weapon that is useful in battle. He stood in the “fear of the Lord” with merely the small weapon that he was familiar with– a child’s toy at best to Goliath. Yet, he was not standing only in the shadow of Goliath– he was standing under the shadow of the Almighty which assured his victory. He had faced lions and bears therefore he knew what he needed and what he did not.

The circumstances before you may mock you with their size and their strength but as you stand before them, postured in the fear of the Lord, covered by the shadow of the Almighty and holding whatever “weapon” you are familiar with (it may just be a prayer or a scripture or just your mustard seed of faith as your stone)– you are assured victory. By His strength and His power and in His name you are about to slay a giant! This will cast great fear upon your enemies who will run like dogs with their tails between their legs. It will also impart the fear of the Lord into those who have been fighting alongside you, as they witness your victory. They will say, “It was not by might, nor by strength but by the Spirit of the Lord that they defeated the giant that would cause most to run away in fear.”

Just as David was chosen, just as Esther was chosen and just as Mary was chosen– so you have been chosen. He chooses the weak things of the world to confound the wise so get ready because the wise are about to be confounded by what the Lord does through you and through the battles that you are facing. He is raising up those who are strong in the fear of the Lord even when they may be known for being weak or merely “common.” They may not be from Ivy League schools but they are about to receive wisdom from the Ancient of Days that will cause men to wonder where you receive your wisdom and knowledge. They may not be pro-athletes or Olympians, but people will wonder where they trained to move in such strength and skill. And, they may not have a doctorate in theology but theologians will wonder how the Word is being lived out with such great mystery and accuracy in them.

God is about to promote his David’s and his Esther’s into royal positions where they will lead and step into positions that they seemingly are not qualified for. Some of you will even lead nations and people from oppression into possession. The common man or woman, who walks in the fear of the Lord and the confidence of his Word, will no longer be seen as common but they will be found in positions of authority and power. They will plunder the enemies camp and take back the inheritance of people groups and nations…and of their family line. There is about to be a changing of the guards in many positions of authority in businesses, spheres of influence, governments and even in the body of Christ. It is the posture of surrender and dependence on the Lord that will promote those who seem unqualified to hold these positions.

Strengthen yourself in the Lord! Go out and face your enemy clothed in his heavenly armor. Walk in the confidence of his name and his Spirit. You are not on the defense but you are on the offense because the Lord has stationed his vast angelic army in battle array all around you. You may be small in the natural but you are a giant in the spirit. The enemy that has opposed you is about to run in fear because the Spirit of the Lord is upon you.

If fear has caused you to cower and hide, GET UP! Clothe yourself in the fear of the Lord and go out and face your enemy in the confidence of the Lord. You may have nothing in yourself but you have more than enough when you are “in Him!” You are not going backwards, you are not defeated, you are not alone and you are not ill-equipped– YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED IF YOUR CONFIDENCE IS IN THE LORD AND NOT IN YOURSELF OR YOUR SKILLS!

Victory is yours in Christ Jesus!


Testimony of Encouragement:

Our family and ministry is suddenly facing a massive need that will require us to set up a home/ministry base on the West Coast as well as here in the Washington DC region. This was unexpected and demands immediate action. Just the move to set up a home base on the West Coast is a 10k expense. Then there is the additional costs of setting up another base here in the DC region. It began with the sudden and unexpected loss of our current home and office (the owner is in the military living out of the country and has been reassigned back to DC and legally those in the military can break a lease if they are reassigned).

Last Tuesday we were suddenly and unexpectedly faced with this shift. The Lord then said that we were to set up a west base and east base like “bookends in the nation.” On Tuesday we had an immediate need for $10k and within 48 hours over $6k had come in miraculously! Do not be afraid of the vast need that is before you! God is able!

If you would like to help cover the additional $4k needed (by July 15th), you can be a part of our miracle that will become a sign to many of how the hand of the Lord moves.

To give, go to: https://www.inscribeministries.com/