Please Pray!

Dear Friends,

As most of you know, we are in the middle of a big transition! We are setting up a home base back in the Pacific Northwest and setting up a new base in the DC region. Two homes, two bases— one assignment! “To see God’s original intent for our nation be established.”

Our first focus is to get to the Pacific Northwest to set up home, an office for our publishing company and our ministry base.

Things had been going so good— we signed papers on a home with the perfect office for Jeff, we sold all of our furniture here in Virginia (except what we are storing for the base here), we bought a truck for the cross country move (we will pull a U-Haul trailer with our personal items in boxes and with our business items) and we had just about hit our financial goal for the move.

Then came this past week. We felt in our spirits the warfare suddenly “ramp up” but we remained steadfast in standing offensively and in gratitude toward God and all of His help. We have had numerous unexpected things happen that have not only consumed time but they have cost us an exorbitant amount of money. One of the situations will require us to seek legal counsel (it is a matter of injustice and intimidation). We are posturing ourselves in blessing, even as those will ill intent seek to rob from us peace and finances.

In the midst of these unexpected and unusual situations coming upon us, I developed an infection that has required strong antibiotics and began experiencing asthma on a level that I’ve never had before. Inhalers aren’t working and I will have to see a pulmonary specialist when we arrive in Oregon. The doctor suspects it may be something more than asthma (it’s not Covid).

We feel that this is a spiritual attack. The two places that God has specifically assigned us to (Portland, Oregon and Washington DC) are known for having high level witchcraft which often is directed at those who God has assigned to these regions to disrupt the enemy’s agenda and to establish God’s ways and standards. Due to our public ministry and name, we often experience this sort of activity aimed at our family.

Our posture has always been not to bring a lot of attention to what the enemy is up to but to stay focused on what God is doing. We sensed that the Holy Spirit said that it is time for reinforcements.

That is you!

We are asking you to come into agreement that every demonic assignment be stopped and turned back on the enemy. We are asking for double in returned for all the trouble he has caused. We are declaring that no weapon formed against us, our family, our business or our ministry will prosper in any way and that all witchcraft sent against us will be broken by the blood of Yeshua! We are also believing and agreeing in prayer for my healing (lungs and infection). Lastly, the warfare seems to have touched some of our adult children- specifically the two who will be returning to Oregon with us. Please pray for their peace, the restoration of all that has been stolen from them and for favor for employment and housing in Oregon.

Thank you for standing with us! We are so encouraged to know that we have this group that we can reach out to and ask for help when reinforcements are needed. We thank God for you daily and we are so grateful to have such a loving God, angelic help and a family in the body of Christ that will take up our cause.

Please pray! We want our next update to be a praise update! ♥️


If you would like to help with the increasing financial costs of this transition please go to our ministry homepage at: and press the donate button.

You can also send a US check or USD money order to us at:

Inscribe Ministries 12400 Regiment Lane Fredericksburg, VA 22407


Inscribe Ministries 149 NE Ocean Loop Hillsboro, OR 97124

2 responses to “Please Pray!”

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    Kathi and family, As I read your prayer request it rang familiar in most ways to our own situation.  While I won’t list specifics I will say that the physical pain that is attacking my body to incapacitate me is clearly from a spiritual attack.  Our finances the same, under a clear attack to render us unable to breath financially.  The warfare against the mind has been relentless for some time……….BUT! The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but they are MIGHTY through God to the pulling down of these evil strongholds!!!  I will be praying with you and your family Kathi, holding hands with you as I go before the Throne of Grace and I will press you, your family and your need into His Presence……into the Glorious Light of pure knowing and love incomprehensible!  That is where I take things as I’m sure you do as well.  Right to Father, through the Blood of Jesus that parts the veil, giving access to our God Who’s very glance causes witchcraft, spells, hexes etc to shatter and scatter!  Breakthrough is appearing for our son who has suffered so greatly in this also, a door of hope has opened and he is finding restored hope.  I believe we are the generation that will be used so mightily in the last days and hell is raging to stop that advance, but he will not succeed. Blessings of His Will, His Provisions and Grace-Grace over each of you and your ministry in the days to come sister.  Praying Virginia (Ginnie) Travis


    1. Thank you so much and we are definitely doing that and bringing it all into his presence. We know that we will see a turnaround! Praying the same upon you and your family. Thank you so much.


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