Follow Our Journey West

Dear Friends,

Thank you all who have been following our unexpected transition back west over the past month. On June 1st so much changed for us and now we are on our first day’s drive from Virginia to Oregon.

I will be sending daily updates so that you can follow our journey (that many of you sowed into) and so that you can cover us in prayer.

This past month has revealed, in a greater way to our family, why God created family. It is his family that has truly surrounded us with prayers, encouragement and even support to go where he says to go.

We are to hold up the arms of his family in Portland as we continue to lift up our nation before the throne of Grace.

On our first day— we expect to make it to Kentucky. We are driving behind our daughter and son-in-law, as they make the long trek west with us.

Please pray for their vehicle as it has already begun having some issues (as a mechanic would say, “It’s pulling up some codes that suggest a problem.” Let’s pray that any unseen problem would stay at bay until we arrive at our destination in Oregon. Pray peace upon our daughter and son-in-law (Luke & Amy) as the car issue is causing them some anxiety.

We so appreciate you all and value you more than we can say. If you would like to sow into this journey west, you can see the ways to give below.

We are praying for all of you as well— a month of unprecedented favor, blessings and breakthroughs.

With Love,

Jeffrey and Kathi Pelton

To sow a financial gift into this ministry and journey west go to:

2 responses to “Follow Our Journey West”

  1. God bless you and keep you and make HIS face and favor shine on you and yours!


    1. ♥️😊 Thank You!


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