Day Three: Missouri to Who Knows Where? And A Word From The Lord

Kathi Pelton

Day three of our cross country journey is beginning in Columbia, Missouri. We hope to stop in Nebraska but are beginning the day after a sleepless night of hotel noise and wrestles pups. Pray for strength and driving mercies as we go.

This morning I wanted to encourage you with a word from my oldest son, Corey Pelton. He works just outside of Washington DC for a large church. He woke up and heard the Holy Spirit say this to him,

“We are entering a time where I am moving through My church body like a refreshing wind, bringing a spirit of humility and tenderness. I am getting ready to raise My house to a place of power in this country, which will bring another great awakening!”

What an encouraging word! As we drive from the DC region to the Pacific Northwest we are praying for our nation and declaring his refreshing wind over every state.

One thing that I have continued to hear as we have driven is that God is establishing “green pastures and open heavens.” The other phrase I have heard is, “Get ready for an unexpected ‘come back.’” The sense was that we went from a place of being on top to being considered the underdog and a come back was unlikely. BUT GOD!! Get ready for a “But God” come back— one that no man can take credit for but God will receive the honor and glory for.

Let us live in the great expectation of a great awakening! Do not lose hope or hang your head— God is moving and will do what only he can do.


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2 responses to “Day Three: Missouri to Who Knows Where? And A Word From The Lord”

  1. Hi Kathi,

    So happy to hear you all made it safely!! Thank you for being boots on the group in such contentious parts of the country.

    Such a great word the Lord gave to your son about Missouri. Missouri, specifically St. Louis, has been called the gateway to the west, because it was the starting point for so many settlers as they headed out west. When my family and I were is St. Louis in 2017, I heard the Lord say to me, “You are pioneers.” I remember being struck that He would say that to me, knowing the history and spiritual importance of that place. He also said it to me in the midst of a great battle over my husband’s well being post surgery, while I was juggling my three children alone in a strange city and contending for God’s promises that my husband would come through safely.

    Reading stories about pioneers, both true and fiction, is a great comfort and encouragement to me on my walk, especially when I am going through a particularly hard season. It was cool to pray for your journey “west”! I have been very encouraged by your word on the pillars being set up across the nation.

    Thank you for sharing your journey, as it helps me understand mine better and encourages me to keep holding on to the vision for God’s best–for my family and for this great nation. We are definitely in an in between stage right now and need breakthrough and guidance on next steps. The Lord blessed us with twins last year and our space is too small now and everything is so expensive. We don’t know if we are to stay in CA and keep praying for increase or move out of state and if so, where?

    Prayers for your continued safety and the Lord’s favor to be on you all. Thank you for your prayers for us too.

    Blessings, Caroline Evans Southern California

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    1. Thank you Caroline. We are from California so we understand the expense! Praying for you to have favor, wisdom, guidance and that the Lord would order and establish your steps ahead. Congratulations on your twins! Double blessings on EVERY front for your family!!


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