Feeling Constricted? It’s Time to Raise Your Voice!

By Kathi Pelton

Often God will speak to me through my personal struggles or my personal victories. If I will take the time to listen and to take my eyes off of “me” then it allows me to see beyond personal circumstances into the heart of our great intercessor, Jesus.

The past month I have been dealing with something going on in my lungs that has been making it increasingly difficult to breathe. My lungs feel constricted and my breathing labored (I don’t have Covid). This has all been happening throughout a time of huge transition for my husband and I.

Yesterday this condition came to a head as my lungs became so constricted that the pressure on my chest was affecting everything that I do— especially using my voice. Then, a dear friend sent me a word that I wrote for The Elijah List exactly one year ago called, “The Battle is Over the Breath.” As I saw just the title of it, the Holy Spirit said,

“The enemy is attempting to constrict many in such a tight hold that they cannot move, cannot speak and cannot breathe. Declare the “Ruach” (breath of God) once again.”

It is no coincidence that on the very day, one year prior, that this word came out that I was at the hospital dealing with not being able to breathe. Our mouths (voices) are a great weapon for good or for evil. Our words carry life or death, blessing or cursing. We were made in the image of God and when he spoke, things came into existence. Therefore, when we speak, creativity happens— even creative miracles. Our voices form weapons against the enemies of God that take down the weapons that they have formed against us.

God is desiring to hear the voice of his Bride. There is power when his people release his Word into the atmosphere or into a life. There is power when his people intercedes. There is power when his people worship and there is power when his people call for the breath of God to fill the earth.

I saw words of life being released like a double edged sword against this “constrictor” that had wrapped itself around the people of God. The enemy is so afraid of the authority of your voice and of your breath that he has sent very targeted assignments to constrict you from walking in your authority or releasing the voice of his Spirit that is speaking through you— creating through you.

As I have been experiencing great pressure upon my chest due to the lung issue I’ve been dealing with, I began to see a great pressure that had come upon God’s people that was weighing them down and causing their hearts to race with anxiety. This is not because of their sin or lack of faith but it is an assignment and weapon that has been formed against them.

Therefore, we declared that every weapon that had been formed against God’s people will now be rendered ineffectual and turned back on the enemies of our God and his people. The constrictor is cut off now in the mighty name of Yeshua! Breathe deep and exhale his Word and his life over you, your household, your city and your nation. Declare LIFE! Declare BLESSINGS! Declare the RUACH!

I see a wind of refreshing, deliverance and resurrection coming from God that will raise you up and bring a fresh wind of personal renewal. I hear in my spirit the words, “Who can stop the Lord Almighty?”

“The Lord of Hosts Himself has planned it; therefore, who can stand in its way? It is His hand that is outstretched, so who can turn it back?” Isaiah 14:27

This verse is found in the context of the Lord’s plans to destroy Assyria. The Assyrians were notorious for their cruelty and idolatry. God is about to deal with this spirit that has invaded people and nations. This spirit has constricted their freedom to worship Yahweh and to have a voice. Not only is God dealing with the enemy that has constricted individuals, but he has plans to destroy this “Assyrian spirit” that has ruled over places like Cuba, Lebanon, Armenia and other nations that have had their freedom constricted. This spirit has been gaining strength in North America as well— constricting freedom, voices and breath. This spirit is being exposed in South Africa as well. But— WHO CAN STOP THE LORD ALMIGHTY?!

Breath is needed to run, to excel and even to live. Without breath there is no freedom— only constriction and death. We declare an end to all constriction against individuals and nations. We release of the breath of God that gives life and voice back to those who have been silenced. Declare freedom over your life and over the nations that God intends to deliver from oppression.

Let freedom ring and reign. No more constriction!


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