We Arrived!!

We arrived in Oregon!

Thank you all who prayed us through— state by state! We prayed through each state over the five day journey and became even more aware of God’s longing to revive our nation.

Your prayers gave us passage! We had challenges but each challenge was met with a quick solution. From a nail in our tire only one block from a tire store open late on a Sunday to a gas leak two hundred miles from our final destination which held until we arrived (had it happened sooner we would have been delayed for days). Each “problem” faced had a simple and almost immediate solution and we credit that to all the prayers going up for us along the way. Thank you so much!!

We signed the papers on our new home with only seeing four photos and looking at some aerial views on google maps. We felt that the Lord said this was the house and how right he was (as always)! It’s the perfect home and neighborhood for our family— just perfect!

Though we’ve only been here a few days now, we worked hard to set up our kitchen and living room area. Everything else is in boxes because née carpet is being installed on Wednesday. It’s good to have a couple of rooms that feel like “home.” We had sold all of our furniture in the East, therefore— on our long drive I spent many hours on FB Marketplace looking for furniture and arranging pick ups. Honestly, every piece has been perfect for the house— just perfect! Our home in the DC region was elegant but this home is homey and far more “us.” Isn’t God good?!

On a separate note, I began to have some health issues come up throughout this move as we bridge East and West. My lungs developed something that was increasingly distressing. I was coughing terribly and my lungs were so constricted that I couldn’t talk more than a few words at a time. Once we arrived in Oregon I felt a terrible pressure on my chest that made it even harder to breathe and was causing dizziness. I spent over four hours in the ER on Saturday to get it checked out but it was so busy that I finally left without being seen. On Sunday, our church here in Portland, prayed for me and although I was home resting— the pressure lifted and my breathing feels normal again. I still have extreme fatigue so I will get checked out by a doctor here. Will you join me in praying for my lungs and heart or whatever was impacted? Thank you!

There is a lot of spiritual activity in both the DC region and the Portland, Oregon area— therefore, to say “yes” to both areas can create some unusual warfare, even against our physical bodies. We are declaring that “no weapon that the enemy has formed against us will be allowed to prosper!” We are also declaring that over all of you and your families!

Once again, thank you for carrying us in prayer through a very intense month and a half. We have seen the hand of God move us into miraculous sudden transitions that could never happen this quickly without his hand and his grace to see us through.

If you are in a transition, leave me a message and we will pray the same favor and wind of his Spirit upon you as we have experienced since June 1st. Of course there have been challenges along the way but there has been divine wisdom and sovereign answers as we posture ourselves in trust. The key is to respond to God rather than to react to the challenge or battle. This posture will keep you from becoming entangled in the snare that the enemy set for you. You will remain at peace in the refuge of the Almighty.

Please continue to pray over our health, family and for the ministry base in the DC region and our home base here in the Portland region to be established. This weekend we will be hosting leaders from Washington DC in Portland— establishing Isaiah 54 in our nation.

With Gratitude and Love,

Jeffrey & Kathi Pelton


If you would like to sow into all that we are doing in our nation and in the nations, go to: https://www.inscribeministries.com/

Or—you can send a US check or USD money order to our new ministry address at:

Inscribe Ministries / 149 NE OCEAN LOOP / HILLSBORO, OR 97124

12 responses to “We Arrived!!”

  1. I am so thankful for your safe arrival…. I am praying divine health over you all and in Jesus name and by His blood and authority we bind the spirit of infirmity and leviathan that us trying to silence you. We loose the blood of Jesus and His glory upon you that every word you speak, every step you take is so full of His presence you will walk by someone and they will be healed and demons will flee. I sense transition for me, but have no idea what that means. Things do not flow or fit like they did when I arrived here 3 years ago…Lots of personal attacks and untruthful gossip which cut deeply because it came from a person I had been friends with for 20 years. My Father and I spent a lot of time addressing the issues this brought up and He has given me assurances He is with me and to stay focused on Him…. It seems the enemy would like to distract and get me to take offense and to destroy me before completing what God has for me to do. I would so appreciate your prayers. Live and hugs. Welcome home. Trish


    1. Thank you Trish— for the prayer and blessings! I will be declaring the blessings of direction, clarity and supernatural transitions upon you as well. ♥️😊


  2. Wow! Praying for you! And as Jesus Christ leads me on new things too! God bless as you help Hamills too!

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. Thank you Gwen! ♥️😊


  3. Hi Kathi,
    These days Holy Spirit was reminding me the story that Balem was sent to curse the Israelites but he simply can’t. In the context of Father God spoke his blessing powerfully over my life, I came to a new level of belief that what God has blessed in His power, authority and name, the enemy’s curse can’t have no effect. So I just break off all the intimidation and harassment from the demonic that tries to drown your breath and voice, in the name of Jesus. That all curse and witchcraft that’s been spoken over you and your family shall fall to the ground and render no harmful effect on you, in Jesus name.


    1. Thank you so very much! Prayers of blessing over you as well ♥️😊!


  4. Praise the Lord for His hand of provision on your transition & for a “homey” home to settle into in Oregon.

    Pray for my family please. My husband just applied for a ministry position after being out of ministry for 7 years in August. Pray we’d continue leaning into Jesus’ strength & not our own understanding throughout this process. Also, for divine wisdom to lead in this new season in an unfamiliar role! Thank you!


    1. I will be praying for unprecedented favor, wisdom and open doors for you! ♥️😊


  5. So glad you arrived safely, and I will be praying the breath of the Lord will fill you and that He will heal you completely. We are feeling like the Lord is calling us to sell our home and business and move to Fredericksburg ( we have several children living there). This is exciting and something we have asked the Lord about for several years, but also somewhat overwhelming. I would be very grateful for your prayers through this transition, and am so very blessed and encouraged by your posts. So very often, I feel Jesus’ love and encouragement through them and they are the exact word I needed to confirm what the Lord has been impressing on my heart. Thank you for your faithful writing, praying, and listening to the voice of our Beloved.


    1. Thank you for your kind words. We left our son, his wife and all of our grandsons in Fredericksburg so we will be back often. I will pray that God opens the way and gives you a lovely home and smooth transition. ♥️


  6. So thankful you arrived safely and are getting settled in your new home. Fred and I are also in a time of huge transition right now but it is all good. I believe that’s part of what God is doing with his people, getting us in position. We’ll be in DC in September for Sean Feucht and the March for Jesus. Your posts have been very encouraging and I have been following your journey. Hope we have a chance to connect again in person!


    1. Thank you for your kind words Renee! Have a wonderful time in DC and I will be agreeing in prayer for a blessed and smooth transition for you!


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