Thank You!

Jeffrey and I want to send out a huge “Thank You” to all of my readers who prayed for us and sent financial support during our unexpected cross country move! There are no words that are adequate to express the depth of our gratitude and thankfulness for you. The kindness and support you provided was the wind that carried us through an intense two months.

We have arrived at our new home with great joy— even in the midst of trials that we had to overcome. Each point of opposition was met with provision and grace to overcome. Even my physical challenge with a severe lung issue was miraculously overcome while I was given a supernatural strength to continue the move in the midst of such a large physical challenge.

Again, we know that it was the prayers of many that carried us and will continue to carry us as we set up an East and West base.

Today we launch into our first ministry assignment as we help to host “The Glory Train Tour” with Jonathan and Jolene Hamill and Chris Mitchell. Jon and Jolene are from Washington DC and we have been walking with them over the past two years as a part of their “DC Family.” Chris Mitchell is a pastor and prophetic voice from Virginia Beach. He was a part of the strategic team with us in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 2020 and joined us (along with our DC team and Cindy Jacob) in January as we were ministering to key leaders in the Trump administration during the transition of power. Please pray for these meetings in Portland, Oregon as it is time to turn the tide in this battleground city and state. The tour will continue through California as well.

We are praying and decreeing unprecedented favor, provision, wisdom and unity upon you and your households, businesses and ministries during this time. Again, thank you so very much for holding our arms up in so many ways. This was merely one step in an ongoing journey that will continue as long as we have breath in our lungs.

With Love, Jeffrey & Kathi Pelton


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  1. You are welcome! You 2 are gems!

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