I Heard the Spirit Say, “Tell My People To Secure Their Promises.”

By Kathi Pelton

As God’s children we have been brought (through the blood of Jesus and grace of salvation) into every promise that has been made for those who live in the fear of the Lord by our covenant keeping God.

I have often witnessed believers sit passively with an attitude of, “Well, where’s my promise and my blessing?” They will passively watch as the thief comes and steals the promises of God out of their hearts and yet these same people would never let a thief come into their home and take what belongs to them.

As we know, we live under a grace that does not require works for salvation but we are also brought into a life of intimate and active partnership with God that produces the beauty of oneness. We are partners with him in his promises as well. As partners we are to become familiar with the covenant promises that are ours through Christ. Then we are to hold them in our hearts with unwavering faith and understanding that they all belong to us. We are also to be aware that there is an enemy, a thief and an adversary that hates our partnership with Jesus and desires to convince us that he is a not faithful to the promises that have been given.

The problem with the passive believer is that they are like a house left with the door unlocked to the thief who has come to kill, steal and destroy their lives.

But, today I heard the Spirit say, “Tell my people to secure their promises! Secure the lock on the doors of their hearts and lives from the enemy who is lurking outside!”

Then I saw his people begin to come into an active agreement with his promises and truths. I saw them speaking them over their lives and over their families. As they began to speak aloud the agreement of his promises and his faithfulness I saw bolt locks being secured. One after another— locks were being secured, promises were being secured, destinies were being secured and inheritances were being secured.

As they “prophesied their promise” it was like a house being secured from the thief that was lurking outside. It was like a spiritual “home security system” being put in place to secure both spiritual and natural things.

Psalm 23 talks about a table set before us in the presence of our enemies. The enemy can be present near our table but he should not be allowed to steal the blessings and bounty from that table! We don’t set a seat for him at our table of blessing where he can rob us of what the Lord has prepared for us.

I would imagine that most of you who are reading this have locks upon the doors of your houses. I’d also imagine that you use those locks to secure your house when you sleep or when you depart your home. Why? Because you value your belongings. Most of you do the same with your vehicles— you secure them from thieves by locking them because you place value on them. Yet, if we are so aware of securing our homes and vehicles— why are so many careless with our hearts and the promises of God? Are these not the most valuable things in our lives?

We must begin to value and guard our spiritual inheritances far more than our physical valuables. I believe that the securing of these things look like entering into agreement, making declarations, living in gratitude, prayer and praise. As we do these things we will hear bolt locks being secured over the promises of our inheritances in Christ.

Let us actively put great value on the covenant promises given to us and protect what has been set before us with intentionality and offensive acts of securing them from the thief. It’s not about works— it’s about partnership and valuing the promises as the most precious possessions that we have.

Begin to prophesy over your family that the promises of God will be fulfilled. Prophesy over your life and your loved ones the covenant words written in his Word that have been given to his people. Declare with unwavering agreement ALL that God has spoken over your life.

Though we live in a world where the enemy is present— begin to value the promises of God and desire to secure them more than any other thing in your life. Value his ways, his truth, his presence and his promises— and value the table he has set before you.

This is the inheritance of the Saints of God! He has come to give you abundant life!


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