Latest Update: Ministry, Business and Personal

Dear Friends and Ministry Partners,

Thank you ALL for your prayers as we packed and sold everything to make the 3000 mile move from Virginia to Oregon.

Once we arrived we had to start from scratch by rebuying all of our furnishings, supplies, food and even a vehicle.

Today is the two month mark from the time that the Lord made it clear that we were moving back to the Pacific Northwest and today— IT IS FINISHED! The last purchase was a vehicle to replace our economy car we sold in Virginia. We will also be establishing a base in the DC region in the coming months.

Although I love decorticating homes and getting nice things; after selling almost EVERYTHING we owned to make this move, I have to say, “I am so happy to be done and to focus on other things!”

It was an amazing amount of work to empty and sell everything from one large house and then to rebuy and fill a entire new house. Finding a replacement car for the right price with so many scams out there proved to be quite challenging as well. But God directed us— as you prayed for us— and it is now completed.

We were so grateful as many of you sent us messages of how you were praying for us— especially when I got so sick during the move. Many of you sent support for our ministry during the time that we had to stop everything (business and ministry) to make this happen. We have no words that are adequate enough to thank you!! The Kingdom of God sure has an amazing family that comes together for one another.

For those of you who have asked about the release of my new book, “FINDING HOME”— we had to pause the editing and publishing process with Inscribe Press for the past two months in order to focus on the moving process. We are hoping to get things moving forward again now that the offices and our home is set up. We had sold all of our office furnishings as well so it has been quite the process to re-buy everything for our Inscribe Press office (except the books— we brought those). We will re-announce the release date soon. Jeff is busy catching up on book contracts from other authors so we appreciate your prayers for him as he works long hours (I don’t want any other editor than him for my new book— he’s so gifted).

We have already restarted “ministry activity” and have our first speaking engagement on this side of the country in less than two weeks. We sense that it will be a busy season ahead therefore, keep those prayers coming our way.

On a separate note, the western states have been hit with devastating wildfires for the past four years during the months of August and September. We are seeing them break out once again all along the west coast states. Please pray that these devastating wildfires will cease and become resurrecting revival fires that will touch the entire nation(s) with healing and life.

Thank you again— our bodies are tired but our souls are so refreshed, grateful and thankful for all that the Lord has done and all of the plans he has ahead for us. What a good, good Father we have and such a wonderful family that you have been as you surrounded us with prayers, encouragement and support. We are blessed!

With Love, Jeffrey & Kathi Pelton


As we gear back up to speak, travel, write and build up the body of Christwe will continue to need prayer and financial support to sustain the costs of ministering. We love to go out with no need or expectation of payment— but rather to serve out of the overflow of our hearts. It is our supporters that make that possible!

To support this ministry go to:


You can send a US check or money order (USD) to: Inscribe Ministries / 149 NE Ocean Loop / Hillsboro / Oregon / 97124

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