We are asking for immediate prayer for our 5-year old grandson, Kai. He was rushed to the hospital this evening and is now being transferred to a pediatric hospital an hour away (he is in ICU). His blood sugar is well over 600 and he appears to have diabetes 1. They need to get him stabilized.

Kai’s dad (our oldest son, Corey) will be riding in the ambulance with him while his mom drives there in the morning. She has their two other young sons.

Please pray for Kai, his daddy and mommy and for us as we walk through this. This will be an ongoing journey even after he is stabilized.

The immediate need is first for prayer and second for financial help for his dad and mom. They will need help with travel and medical expenses immediately.

If you are able to help please use our ministry website donation button to give and add a note to your donation that says, “Help For Kai” to it.

Thank you once again for being the best family and “expressions of the love of Jesus” anyone can have. You are heroes!

With Love, Jeffrey & Kathi Pelton

TO GIVE TOWARD KAI’S CARE, GO TO: https://www.inscribeministries.com/

4 responses to “URGENT PRAYER”

  1. marshapconrad@aol.com Avatar

    I just sent $25 for Kai! I didn’t see a place to mark it for Kai…..Wish I could do more….going through divorce after 40 years!!  Praying for him!!! 


    1. I’m so sorry that you are going through such a painful time. May your “widow’s mite” bring forth a great blessing upon you.


  2. Kathi dear, praying for this little one. May the God who sees and cares for out little sparrows surround him with all that he needs with Holy hands and wisdom from Heaven pouring into the minds and actions of all the medical people, his parents, and you also. Love from WA state, Dara

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