Shake Off Fear

Shake Off Fear!
Kathi Pelton

As you face each new day, shake off all fears that come to direct your steps, dictate your decisions and narrate your perspective. The fear of man and the fear of adversity calls to you to see if you will partner with it. If you take fears hand it becomes the unlocked door for the thief to enter through. The thief only comes to kill, steal and destroy; robbing you of abundant life (JOHN 10:10).

Wake up each new day and exchange the fears that rob you of joy, peace and hope for the fear of the Lord that brings you wisdom, refuge, goodness and blessings. The Word of God is filled with the benefits of walking in the fear of the Lord. It is time for the Church to close and lock the door of fear that is allowing an enemy to order their steps and to open their hearts and door to the fear of the Lord that is eternal and final.

Shake off the fears that have hindered you and put them under your feet. There is a fear that places your life above every natural fear and enemy…that is the fear of the Lord. From that posture, peace and righteousness will lead you and rule over your life with truth and justice.

Shake off that snake called fear and trample it under your feet! Today is your day to take back your joy!


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