Breaking the Log Jam and Releasing the Flow of Blessings

By Kathi Pelton

Many years ago the Lord spoke to me about a “log jam” that was happening within his people that was stopping the flow of blessings that he had stored up for them. When I asked him what the source of the “log jam” was, he said, “Judgements and offense.”

Then he brought me to Matthew 7:1-2,

“Do not judge, so that you won’t be judged. For with the judgements that you use, you will be judged, and with the measure that you use, it will be measured to you.”

I have always encouraged my physical children and my spiritual children to walk in the fear of the Lord regarding how they honor one another and how they should stay clear of judging one another. And— the moment I become aware of a block of blessings in my life or the life of one of my children, I will first check for one of those “log jams.” I will ask the Holy Spirit to see if I subtly have entered into judgements of another or if I become offended by someone.

Honestly, during these days it would not be a bad idea to do a daily check in with Holy Spirit regarding these things since there is so much to provoke anger, judgements and offense in the atmosphere. Looking into the mirror of God’s insight to see if any logs are present will prevent a potential log jam from occurring.

Recently I was given the honor of walking someone through this very process. This person had observed that nearly every area of their life was hindered and lacked the blessings that are promised to those who believe. I encouraged them to make sure that all judgments, lack of forgiveness, bitterness and accusations were dealt with in their lives. They had just come through a very hard season that would have deeply affected even the strongest of believers. They took my counsel and went to seek the Lord regarding these areas. The Holy Spirit revealed that there was one of those “log jams” in their lives and they repented, forgave, released offenses and cut off the roots of bitterness. Within a week, their entire life began to turn around and the free flow of blessings returned. Amazing!

There are spiritual laws and truths that we all live with that can bless or curse, bring life or death, joy or sorrows. As we daily ask Holy Spirit to search our heart and check our eyes for logs (or specks) we will discover a greater flow of blessings and favor coming upon us.

One of the things that probably grieves my heart the most is the “harsh judgements” that I see happen between people. It can be the harsh judgements toward a stranger (who looks different or acts different) or the critical judgements I see between people who claim to be friends. The most grieving place that I see judgements (and cynicism) is within the church. That should always be a “judgement free zone!”

Of course I am not talking about discernment or the observation of blatant sin (bad fruit) but even then we can walk out the gift of discernment or the correction of a wrong action without judgements— we can judge the fruit as bad without judging the person. But it seems in these days, with all of the divided opinions regarding vaccines, masks and political parties and so much more, that some assume that this has given even the ambassadors of Christ permission to pass judgements and to have a critical spirit. May I just say, “No, it doesn’t! The Word of God never changes.”

We must learn to “believe the best” about other people. We also need to learn that when we have a “friend or brother/sister in Christ” that we are concerned about or who is bearing bad fruit— that we can honor and love them enough to have a conversation with them. This will enable you to hear their heart, understanding their struggle and open a door for you to be an instrument or helping them to get free. You may find that what they are doing stems merely out of a broken area or area of fear that they need someone’s help with.

When the posture of intimately honoring one another is replaced by “standing at a distance” to accuse with harsh judgements; it is then that we have entered a very dangerous place. Those very judgements and that form of measuring another’s life will surely be measured back upon us.

Matthew 7 goes on to say,

“Why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye but don’t notice the log in your own?” (vs. 3)

Did you know that people can actually train their eyes and hearts to be looking for the specks in everyone else’s eyes? God creates us to look for the treasure, the secret garden and the beauty of his image in each person but the enemy seeks to train our eyes to be critical, cynical and judgemental. He knows that this will divide and that it gives him a legal right to send all of those judgments back upon us.

How clever!! It begins subtly but over time a person’s default is only to view life and others through critical judgements and arrogant irritations. Then that person is left to wonder why so many negative things are happening in their lives. It is because they’ve become so far sighted (seeing and judging everyone from afar) that they no longer have the near sightedness that allows them to see the log in their own eye.

If you find your eyes looking at life and others through a critical lens, ask the Holy Spirit to allow you to see your own eyes. Repent for judging others and for measuring them with a rod that is absent of love and grace. Then ask the Lord to release you from the judgements that this has brought upon your life and to help you to remove the “log” from your own eye.

It is time to clear the log jams that are dividing the body and blocking the flow of blessings.

“Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.” 1 John 3:18


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