I Just Want You

By Kathi Pelton

I have made it a habit to begin my days by asking the Lord what he desires. I want to know what is on his heart, what he is saying, what he is doing and how I can be “one with him.” Today, when I asked, I heard, “I just want you.”

Suddenly my mind was taken to how much I love just sitting with my children. I have very personal things I share with each of my kids that mean more than anything that they can do for me. One of my sons makes it a habit to walk up behind me and hug me with my back to his chest. It is his way of saying, “Here I am Mom— I love you.” Another son has made it a habit to walk by me and extend his hand to touch my hand or to sit next to me and reach over and hold my hand— this is his very personal way of saying, “I’m always your son and I love you.” One of my daughters gives me her time and looks for thoughtful gifts— she is my constant companion, which says, “I love being with you Mom.” Then another son takes time to explain his many projects in detail with me— he is always sharing with me what he is doing and how it works. He loves that I love what interests him, it says, “I love that your my mom.”

As the Lord brought these details of my children to my thoughts, I realized that these are my favorite moments. They mean everything to me. Jesus was saying, “I just want to be with you in that personal way that only we share.” He is saying that to you too.

Sometimes we get so focused on what we think Jesus wants us to do for him that we forget that above all else, he just wants us! He loves it when we stop “doing” and we take time to linger in that moment where we touch and connect heart to heart.

Yesterday I was standing outside in a place where there were many trees. While I stood there alone, taking in the beauty of the trees, a breeze began to blow and all of the leaves began to “dance and clap” together. The sound was like creation praising— I just stood there and let the sound and beauty of it wash over me. I began to feel my soul dance and clap with them. Then I began to hear, “I love you daughter” through the sound. These are the “touch points” that Jesus and I share. Just like my son reaching out his hand to touch mine or my other son coming up being me to hug me. Jesus causes creation to do something beautiful and we share that moment with a mutual, “I love you this much.” I love to linger in those moments without any thoughts of doing but rather just being his and he being mine.

There is so much to do but it is in the moments of lingering and sharing the sweetness of touching “heart to heart” that moves his heart and refreshes our souls. There will always be an abundance of things to do but developing personal touch points and an intimate love language with God is what makes the doing personal and meaningful.

He wants you! He loves to be with you; to have you share the details of what you love, to reach out and brush your hand against his, to spend time with him or to stop and embrace him in the midst of your busy day. He waits and he longs for these moments. Let your back lean against his chest and linger there.

This is the place where the oil in my lamp is filled and I leave these moments shining brighter. His heart is moved and my heart is strengthened.

Take time to just be together. Share with him the details of what you love, what you are doing and be sure to receive his “touch.”

Linger there!


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