Dream: Jesus Is Swaddling Soul Wounds

By Kathi Pelton

Last night I had the most unusual dream that felt more like an encounter than a dream. In this dream, I was spending time with the Lord and as I did he drew my attention to a place deep in my stomach were there was some anxiety that I had learned to live with (and even ignore). As he drew my attention to it, he began to take me into that very place. As I went there I could feel the “shaking” from a trauma I had been through this year. There was a deep place of shock from some real life events that I’d personally gone through. Though I had processed most of the grief and pain— the shock and trauma remained in this hidden place. It had become a knot deep in my gut that seemed to store trauma.

Then I began to see scenes of things that are shocking people at this time that we are living in; in their families, cities and nations. People were holding onto the shock and trauma as these events were getting more and more familiar. But the place of trauma in their souls was getting larger because we it was not being dealt with. I understood that it was a huge threat to their peace and joy.

Then, in my dream, Jesus came to me with a swaddling blanket, like the ones you swaddle a new born infant with. He then went to that place of trauma in my soul and he swaddled it. He folded it around the trauma until it fully and tightly enfolded all the anxiety that was in that place. Suddenly the “knot in my stomach” was replaced by peace and rest. I saw this swaddling blanket as “Christ himself being wrapped around my soul”— bringing peace and healing to that hidden place where trauma had touched me.

Then I saw him go to many believers who had experienced trauma (some from childhood, some from recent events and some from both), and he began to fold, tuck and swaddle this blanket of peace and of “him” around the wounded areas and people began to be healed.

I doubt if there is a person on earth who has not looked upon or personally experienced something that left shock or trauma upon their souls— especially in the hour that we are living in. Though there is great hope and joy for the believer, we still need to make sure that we aren’t ignoring these areas of trauma. We cannot allow them to go untouched by God. He desires to heal all trauma, set you free from the anxiety caused by shock and allow his peace, rest and healing to swaddle your soul until you become still and comforted.

In 2008 my husband and I began being foster parents for beautiful baby boy that had been exposed to drugs. This sweet baby was so restless and stiff that could not be comforted. A doctor suggested that we swaddle him in a special swaddle blanket. We would have to wrap him so tight— to the point that he could not thrash and move but would allow us to hold him close and walk the floor with him. We did this for months. It kept him still and feeling safe until finally was free and could be at peace in our arms without the swaddling.

I believe that what I experienced in my dream was real and that Jesus has swaddled a deep place in my soul that experienced trauma a number of months ago. He will keep it swaddled until I can be whole and rest in his comfort once again in that area deep area.

If you have gone through a shock or a trauma— or even looked upon another’s trauma or tragedy that has brought a wound to your soul— invite Jesus to come and swaddle that area with his peace, his love and his healing embrace. It is time for us to be whole and to stay whole.

What a wonderful and healing Savior!


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