October Will Be A Month of Harvest For Many!

By Kathi Pelton

I saw a vision of a calendar changing from the 9th month to the 10th month and when it flipped over it said, “10 FOLD HARVEST!”

Immediately I began to hear the words, “Ten fold returns, bonuses, raises, increase, promotions and blessings.”

I could see envelopes being handed to workers that had checks in them that were unexpected. Then I saw the verse from Luke 10:7 that says, “…a worker is worthy of his wages.”

Some of you have worked tirelessly for less than you should have received but the Lord is about to give many an increase in October. I see this for those in the marketplace and those that have served for many years in ministry roles. He sees your hard work, your sacrifice and your grateful heart (in the midst of various trials)— a reward is coming.

Get your baskets ready— a great harvest is about to come in.


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Or, you can mail a check (USD only) to: Inscribe Ministries / 149 NE Ocean Loop / Hillsboro, Oregon 97124

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