The Laboring Remnant

By Kathi Pelton

God has entrusted a remnant from among his people to carry and birth his purposes for their nations in this critical hour. Many of these are in a posture where they are both laboring in prayer and simultaneously standing as spiritual midwives to others who are also laboring in prayer. Only by the grace and power of the Holy Spirit can we both birth and be midwives at the same time.

There has been great resistance sent by the enemy to stop the labor, to abort the baby or bring forth a stillbirth. Often this resistance has come upon those called to birth. One form of resistance has been the desire to escape the spiritual pressure, but the pressure is relieved as we release the prayers and then enter into rest between “contractions.” The temptation to stop laboring and pushing in prayer has been intense and immense. But, if you are called to labor in this hour— it is almost time to push— do not give up! This is not a time to escape and if you need to gather midwives around you then be sure to do so.

There is a travailing in prayer, often accompanied by pain. This happens at times when the “spiritual contractions” come upon us. We are not forced to receive them, but rather invited and entrusted to receive them. They are increasing but fighting them merely makes them worse. Allow the waves to wash over you and release them until rest returns.

As we labor together and stand as midwives together, there is a oneness being produced and a spiritual rhythm on earth that is synchronized to the purposes of heaven. Though we scarcely understand what is happening, we must yield to the waves of intercession and the will of our God to bring forth what he desires.

Many that are experiencing these spiritual contractions are also experiencing the lack of human words to pray and they find that there is a groaning deep within them that goes beyond words. Release the groanings as prayers and intercession— the Spirit knows that which is “too lofty” for us to understand. This is not a time to stop and figure things out or to try to understand— it is a time to trust that HE KNOWS and he understands what needs to come forth. He is asking you to trust him with the outcome.

He is watching over his laboring remnant. The pain will suddenly come to an end and great joy will fill our hearts as we see the fullness and fulfillment of what we pushed and travailed for.

“Would I ever bring this nation to the point of birth and then not deliver it?” asks the LORD. “No! I would never keep this nation from being born,” says your God.” Isaiah 66:9


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  1. Thank YOU Father!


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