I have discovered that when you write a book about navigating through wilderness seasons that it might test the truths that you have written about. So, I am navigating peace and finding Jesus as my “door of hope” while having to postpone the release date until Tuesday, November 30th.

We have worked with the platforms that print the books for countless hours over the past week after a human error was discovered. Everything is ready but we cannot go live with the updated ordering links until we are sure that all of the hundreds of preorders will be printed with the correct file (long and involved story that I will not bore you with— “Jesus take the wheel”)

This book carries the redemption of heaven within the pages and stories. Therefore, we are going to see this delay redeemed as well.

Thank you for your patience and love (and prayers!). What we’ve been facing is unprecedented obstacles that we’ve never had with any book before this (and we were dealing with Covid when the initial error occurred).

If you pre-ordered a copy— reach out to me because we want to assure that your order is processed properly and you receive the final and approved printing. Message me or write to me at: jkpelton@sbcglobal.net

This book will find its way to your home very soon!

With Love, Kathi Pelton


  1. Hey Kathi, Further update. Amazon says I am supposed to be getting my book tomorrow. Not sure it will be correct. Barbara Stiner

    God said to me once and for all, “All the strength and power you need flows from me!” And again I heard it clearly said, “All the love you need is found in me!” And it’s true that you repay people for what they do.

    Psalm 62:11-12 TPT



    1. So far— those who have received it have gotten the right one.


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