Prophets of Compassion Arise

By Kathi Pelton

In 2006 Kris Vallontton gave me a lengthy prophecy in which God called me “a prophet of compassion.” He said that it is a rare breed of prophets but that I would raise up other “prophets of compassion” and they would have a heart like Mother Theresa for those they see. I have carried this word for over fifteen years but it’s only been in the past two months that it has been brought to the forefront of my mind to see released. It has felt like a “time release” word that has finally come upon the proper time.

I believe that there are many of these “prophets of compassion” who will suddenly arise and prophesy when moved out of a spirit of compassion. Many of these tender hearted ones have been hidden in the secret place praying with tears of love and compassion as the Lord entrusted them with the deep things on his heart.

I see them coming from the secret place and walking through the streets and through the nations like Mother Theresa did in the streets of Calcutta, India. They will feel the prophetic power flow from them like Jesus did when healing power flowed as the woman with the issue of blood touched the hem of his garment. Their words will bring healing, release true identity, touch the “poor in spirit” with the riches of heaven and shift nations and people groups. Their words will have been conceived in the compassion that flows from intercession and even in deep travail. In a world that feels harsh and harmful to the souls of many— these prophets will be the voice of comfort and hope to many. They will be like the “hem of the Lord’s garment” touching earth.

Often these prophetic voices have felt “out of place” or been mislabeled within the church body because of the uniqueness of their gift and the way they are “wired.” They can evangelize but it’s not in the way that your typical evangelist operates— for they will be walking through their day and suddenly compassion for someone will be stirred in their hearts and prophetic power will begin to flow. Their words will feed the hungry and impoverished souls just because they walked by them on their journey. It will break the spirit of heaviness off of wounded ones.

These prophets will walk among a particular people group or step onto land and they will be gripped by compassion for those people or that land and out of deep compassion that is intermingled with intercession they will release the heart of God that both comforts and heals.

Their words will have a “pastoral” element upon them that causes those who hear their words to feel deeply loved and held. They are not actually “pastors” (by gifting/calling) but their words will feel like the Father has bowed down to lift the one who receives their words into his arms.

It is time for this company of prophets to arise. Our world needs these prophets of compassion to speak and prophecy like never before. Even the earth is longing for their words of compassion to release a comfort that has the power to heal and restore creation and nations.

Pray for these ones to come forth in readiness and purity. Pray protection around them because the enemy fears the release of these voices. There is a vulnerability (not a negative weakness but a deep tenderness) upon them that needs to be partnered with by those who will surround them with prayer and awareness of what they are carrying. Heidi Baker is an amazing example of this gift— she has been a forerunner of this gift put in action for all of us to see. Not all will function as she does for their spheres of influence will be in many different expressions and callings.

Please know that I am not saying that other prophets have not functioned apart from a heart of compassion but this will be the main motivation of these particular prophetic voices.

It is time for the prophets of compassion to arise!


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