Keep Your Peace On

By Kathi Pelton

Around the one week before Christmas mark every year I find myself struggling to be at peace. I absolutely love the holidays but as a mom (and now grandma), I am usually in charge of buying the gifts, wrapping the gifts, putting up the decorations, planning the meals (although my AMAZING husband does so much of that!) and what feels like a thousand other little things that add up to a very “busy mind.” I find myself laying down to rest at night but rather than sleeping, going over lists in my mind of all that needs to be done. Last night was one of those nights.

As the hours slipped by I understood the scripture that says, “Strive to enter into rest…” (Heb. 4.11). I was truly “striving” to enter into rest last night. These times, though they are not a crisis or any sort of emergency, remind me how vital it is to practice peace— the peace that surpasses understanding— on a daily basis. If we don’t practice living in the supernatural peace that comes only from Jesus, then when we are faced with a real crisis or emergency we will flounder and find ourselves overcome by the storm or circumstance that surround us.

As you prepare to go into 2022, do a peace check-up. Is your peace based on your surroundings or circumstances? If chaos is all around can your soul still find the rest and peace that is unshakable? The best time to “practice peace” is in the midst of chaos. It’s not a great gauge when peace is all around.

So, every December— in the midst of joyful celebrations, I will find that my peace gets tested and it’s a good time to gauge my “peace meter”, which I found lacking last night. Today I will begin to pray that His peace will guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus. I will be purposeful in making sure that I am clothed in His peace and that my soul is recalibrated to His peace. Remember, peace is a practice not a one time victory that remains forever. It is an exercise of your soul to remain aligned with His Spirit.

As we approach one of the busiest times of the year, let’s be purposeful in practicing putting on peace. Let us finish the year strong in our souls by being saturated in His peace. And let’s ring in the new year with a life that has been aligned and recalibrated to the One who declared, “Peace on Earth, good will toward all men.”

Peace is a practice— let’s practice it with great purpose!

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