God Will, “Do It Again!”

By Kathi Pelton

Today as I was in the Book of Joshua, meditating on the miracle of when the children of Israel passed through the Jordan River on dry ground— finally to stand in the land promised to them. Can you imagine the joy and praise as the last one crossed over? This was a sea of people so vast that they would become a great nation. Twice now, God had parted water— the Red Sea for their parents and now the Jordan for the sons and daughters. As I read this story, I kept hearing the words, “Tell my people, I will do it again.”

I see before God’s people, a sea of opposition that has come to threaten them, accuse them, and overwhelm them. Fear and confusion has struck the heart of many as the governments of nations have created laws that have been formed to keep God’s people from advancing. The natural “reasons” for these laws may differ from nation to nation— but the spiritual reason remains the same. Satan does not want God’s people to advance in victory.

But God has raised up those like Joshua and Caleb who will not look upon the threats or what their eyes see— but they will listen to the Lord and believe in his promises of old with unshakable faith. Though their knees make shake, their hearts are set firm to move as the Lord directs, no matter the opposition ahead.

These ones, who possess a spirit like Joshua and Caleb, will lead God’s people forward to take what has been promised to them. God will do it again— he will part the waters of opposition and provide a way of advancement. He will topple the walls of fortified cities as his people partner with him in trust and obedience and he will bring forth victories from what appeared to the natural eyes to be certain defeat.

If fear has usurped your faith— now is the time to ask the Spirit of God to come upon you with the revelation of the fear of the Lord that is greater than the fears of your soul. We all, without exception, have had to face down soulish fears, shock and disbelief at things we have seen or personally encountered over the past two years. Even if we knew something was coming— we didn’t know what it was or how vast the landscape of our world would change.

But now is the time to put on the armor of God and allow faith to rise up and overcome our fears. Some may have to be carried, as their pain and losses are fresh, but God has strengthened others to carry the weak who remain willing to move forward.

He wants you to know that HE WILL DO IT AGAIN! He will perform miracles, signs and wonders because he is a God who keeps his covenant promises from generation to generation. His faithfulness is sure and never changing. Though the enemies of our day look different than the enemies of old, God remains the same and victory is in his hand.

The coming revival may look like the fear of the Lord coming upon mankind that causes them to see his holiness and turn from every wicked way. It has been coming upon many of his people even today— the fear of the Lord is coming first upon his Church and they then the world will look and see and believe. I hear the words from Zechariah 3:2 over both Israel and over those who appear to be embracing an unholy fire that will lead them to an eternity separated from God,

And the Lord said to Satan, “The Lord rebuke you, Satan! Even the Lord, who [now and ever] has chosen Jerusalem, rebuke you! Is this not a log snatched and rescued from the fire?” (Zechariah 3:2)

God will snatch many out of the fire and they will become heirs with Christ. God will do what he did for Joshua the high priest once again! He will do what he did for Joshua and Caleb again. He will do what he has always done— he will be faithful to his promise!

Begin to pray and declare, “Do it again, Lord! According to your covenant promises and faithfulness, do it again!”



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