Can You Do Me A Favor?


Many people have asked how they can leave an Amazon review of my new book, Finding Home: A Doorway of Hope. Leaving a Amazon Book review helps the success of a book so much!!

Would you be willing to do this for me?

Here is a direct link for you to press that will take you right to the review page— so, if you purchased my book through Amazon and want to leave a review— here is your link. You will first have to sign into your Amazon account- then it will take you directly to the review page.

If you bought it through another source— you can still leave a review on the Amazon Books by going to my book order page (scroll to the bottom and it will be under the current reviews). And IF YOU HAVE NOT BOUGHT IT YET— it is on sale now so buy one for you and a one for a friend that needs encouragement. The testimonies we are receiving from those who have read it are incredible!

Here is the ordering link:

Finding Home: A Doorway of Hope—


Kathi Pelton

2 responses to “Can You Do Me A Favor?”

  1. Avatar

    Done 😊


    1. Thank you SO very much!


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