Shout It Out, “I Am Yours!”

By Kathi Pelton

I was listening to a worship song by Jesus Culture that came out a few years back called, “Rooftops.” As I listened to the chorus, the words seemed to rise up in my soul to the point of wanting to shout them out. The chorus goes like this,

“So I shout out your name, from the rooftops I proclaim that I am Yours!”

I recently received a call from a leader of a house of prayer who wanted to ask how he could pray for my husband and I. Another time in my life my answer may have been a more “circumstantial” request but now all I could answer was to have him pray that we are completely God’s. I don’t want to hold anything back from Him— i want my heart, my motives, my words and every movement I make to be initiated by his love and his Spirit. I passionately long for everything to be fully yielded to my God; not only in words but in action and heart!

I am hearing this cry for full surrender and purity from so many at this time. Everything within them desires all to belong fully to Him. It is a hunger for Christ alone that is tangible and insatiable. Their prayers have turned from being focused on the “things of this world” to the Savior of this world…Jesus.

There is such a longing for face to face intimacy with God. I hear desperate and humble cries to be purified, sanctified and washed of every thing that hinders perfect love. Hearts are echoing the prayer of David,

“My heart says of you, “Seek his face!” Your face, Lord, I will seek.” Psalm‬ ‭27:8‬ ‭

The mercy and Father-heart of God has been extended to those who are crying out to Him. He is removing barriers, obstacles and places that have kept His bride from the fullness of knowing His Son. Our precious Holy Spirit is removing the fear of complete surrender— hunger and longing for purity is overcoming the fears of refinement or full surrender. Some of these fears are not conscious choices but obstacles that came through life experiences that created walls that stood against intimacy. In His mercy He is breaking these walls down.

I keep seeing in my spirit a scene playing before my eyes of the Lord taking His bride into His arms and just holding her, kissing the top of her head and not letting go until every fear falls away. While I see this I hear her soul cry out the words, “I am Yours! I am Yours! I am Yours!”

The is a holy exchange taking place between the Bride and the Bridegroom. It is the divine exchange of desire and longing for one another. Our garments are being changed into a pure white gown. The bride is being prepared like never before!

“My darling, I am yours, and you are mine, as you feed your sheep among the lilies.” Songs of Songs 2:16

Shout from the rooftops, “I am Yours!”


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