A Love Revolution Is Coming— It Will Ignite Love That Has Grown Cold

By Kathi Pelton

No matter who I talk with, each person agrees that they don’t recognize the world we live in. The world has redefined good as evil and wrong as right. The unnatural has come into our everyday life and called “natural”— the perverse as “pure.” Yet, as God’s people we have the unimaginable privilege of being surrounded and submerged in the perfect purity and righteous goodness of Jesus that overcomes evil.

Even still, we need to ask the Spirit to guard our hearts and minds with the peace that surpasses all comprehension. If we do not allow the perfect peace of Jesus to guard us then it could be very easy for our love to grow cold. Matthew 24:12 says,

“And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold.”

Being surrounded by lawlessness can produce a number of reactions that can quickly lead to our love growing cold. Some will feel offended and angry, which if not kept in check will lead to cynicism, judgements and bitterness. Others may feel deeply saddened and find it difficult to hope. This can easily lead to a hopelessness that loses faith and begins to doubt God. Still others may merely go numb— causing a lack of spiritual sensitivity which will cause their love to grow cold.

If you are battling any of these reactions, I encourage you to ask the Holy Spirit to help you to be able to look and see where your treasures have been being stored. It is so easy in times of “ease” to begin to trust in the things of this world rather than in the unshakable kingdom that is eternal. When times get difficult we quickly become aware of where are treasures are as they begin to shake.

People who have lived in nations that have been impoverished and oppressed often find it far easier to store up their treasures in heaven because the world has not offered them anything worth putting their security in. Those of us who have lived in nations that have an abundance of supply, opportunity, and freedom struggle deeply with the constant temptation to put our trust in our earthly freedoms and provisions. Though the world says that we are rich— we may be found as the most impoverished when those things are threatened.

I do not say this with any weight of shame because I believe that the Lord has great compassion upon those who are fearful, grieving and suddenly struggling with having to see that they are “poor in spirit.” I know that in his love and mercy, our beautiful Father in heaven is both comforting the fearful and doing a “transfer of wealth” from the earthly things to the eternal things. I know that over the past two years this has been a constant work in my heart. It has been a type of deliverance from false securities and a lack of true revelation of that which is eternal and imperishable.

Over the past week the Spirit has been highlighting the issue of love to me. He has had me in intercession for his people almost constantly regarding where “love has grown cold.” It has not been a rebuke but rather a release of his healing and mercy. He has shown me that there are some of his sons and daughters who came to believe in him but have never experienced “first love.” Their hearts had been so damaged by the time they came to believe that they came into an agreement of Jesus being their Savior but their hearts never were able to connect intimately with him. I also saw those who had an amazing “first love” encounter when they came to Jesus— but the pain experienced within life, the church or within the realm of Christianity had caused their love to cease to grow cold (for Jesus or people). Lastly, I saw others who had known the love of God and the love of family— but the lawlessness all around them had shocked their love into a frozen state— making it grow cold. There were more but I will only mention those. In every case there was great comfort and compassion coming from the heart of God.

Then, last night I had an encounter where I saw God in the heavens and he was stoking a great fire. He was breathing on it and the coals where turning bright orange. He was fueling it with his love and stirring it with his hand (yet it did not burn him). The fire was getting hotter and hotter until every coal contained the fullness of his love and mercy. Then I saw him call for angels to take the coals and go forth to ignite love in the hearts of his people. These coals contained healing, refinement, deliverance, encounter, and revival. I knew that they would touch the hearts where love had grown cold and revive them. They would even touch the hearts that had not grown cold and cause them to blaze with an even greater love.

I believe that we are about to experience a love revival and revolution that will touch the whole world. Our hearts will be ignited with love for God and for one another like never before. We can even now begin to cry out to him and say, “God, come with the coals of love and ignite my heart and life with a love that far surpasses anything I have ever known or experienced!”

Come Lord Jesus, Come!


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3 responses to “A Love Revolution Is Coming— It Will Ignite Love That Has Grown Cold”

  1. Aunt Kathi,
    This is exactly what I’ve been feeling. I have been so pressed and so busy these past couple months that I have sacrificed the time I usually spend with God. My rhythms of reading, praying, and sitting with Him first thing when I wake up, and last thing when I go to sleep—these have become inconsistent and I have felt more distant than before.
    I love the intimacy of the imagery you used—God breathing into the fire and stoking it with His hands. Do you know, this is exactly what I have been posting this week? That God would rekindle my love, passion, and zeal. That He would create a blazing desire for Him in my heart, that would overtake every other desire.

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    1. Oops, typo. I meant “this is exactly what I have been *praying this week.”

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    2. Aw Eliya— I am so glad that you are experiencing deep hunger. I have been experiencing that as well— no more “snacking” on the “things of God” that fill my appetite but letting true hunger take me into desperate hunger that throws off restraints. Hugs— love you!


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