The Cloud of Glory Will Return to the Church

Today a friend sent a prophetic word that was released in Jerusalem in 2014 by a respected prophet from the Middle East, Imiel Abadir. He often prophesied years ahead of what was currently taking place. I had the honor of traveling with him and a team for many years and witnessed his accuracy.

I was so encouraged to hear it again in the context of where the world is currently at. I pray that it will bless you.

Here is the word,

“The Lord says: The dispensation of the fullness of time is at hand, and the Lord is in the business of purifying and refining His Church bride, to be qualified for kingship in eternity. And while the world is stricken by calamities and disasters, the Church bride will experience something beyond measure; The Lord says, I will restore back the glory of the first apostolic church, and signs and wonders will be prevailing as a witness of God’s mercifulness. The Lord says, I am about to release many giftings, and I am about to release the spirit of cohesiveness, and genuine unity. The Lord says: Be prepared, because I will mature many of you with a higher level of understanding. The Lord says: Be prepared, because I will astonish every one of you, because, the cloud of glory will be restored back to My Church worldwide! And the Lord says, in such an enormous gathering, I will touch miraculously many of you, and you will go back to your homes with a new spirit of anticipation that the next years will be glorious, says the Lord, Amen.”

Word by Imiel Abadir, who has now passed on to be among the great cloud of witnesses.

“…the cloud of glory will be restored back to My Church worldwide!” Be it so Lord Jesus!


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