Out With the Old— In With the New

By Kathi Pelton

In early January I had a vivid dream that my family was moving and after the movers loaded the truck I walked back into the house we were leaving to find all of my living room furniture and decorations still in place— they had not been loaded onto the truck going to the new place. In the dream I was frustrated and confused. I turned to my husband and said, “Why didn’t you load my furniture or pack my decorations?” He responded by saying, “You won’t need them for where we are going.” Still frustrated and confused I picked up a Target bag and began to rush around the room, grabbing items to take with us. As I grabbed the items, I noticed that they were not only out-of-date but didn’t represent who I am today or where we were going (though I did not know where we were going in the dream).

This morning, as I was beginning to awake, I was taken into the “home in my heart” where the Spirit lives within me. It was like it had been swept clean and everything was white. A bright light was streaming in and something like a “fresh breath” filled the air. The clutter from old was gone, the frantic atmosphere was gone (replaced by an inner peace, refreshing and rest), the need to appease others (rather than truly love others and please God) was gone and all that was being added was pure light, fresh and white. I guess the best way to describe it, is to say that the baggage of old was gone and replaced by his “light burden” which was pure and bright.

The transition from one way of living to another is and has been difficult at best but the exchange of the old ways for his new has been so beautiful— and we’ve only just begun.

The interesting thing to note is that the old wasn’t bad— in the dream my furniture was still useful, comfortable and pleasant to look at but it was not for the new season. My husband and I moved across the country this past July and when we did, the Lord asked us to leave our furniture. We sold all of it with the exception of three pieces (a chair, a secretary and a fireplace)— which were pure white. The furniture in my dream that was being left behind was the furniture that we had sold. All of our new furniture that we bought is white. Often God will use the natural things to speak of the spiritual things.

Also, one of the items that I shoved quickly into the Target bag (the only item I remember) was a wooden Easter bunny decoration— like a painted wooden craft from the late 90’s. Yet, Easter is new life and resurrection— not a wooden bunny. In the dream I knew that it was May and wondered why I hadn’t taken down an Easter decoration yet. It represented an “old season” and a even a false representation of new life.

God is inviting us into a new season, new life and a spiritual resurrection. It is requiring us to leave behind the old— even precious things that have deep meaning and things we may have built (my sense was that I had made and painted that wooden Easter bunny). But the exchange will be so much greater! We are making room for the greater glory and the old will merely get in the way. There is more I can say about this Easter bunny but I will leave that for the Spirit to speak to you.

This is time of letting go— the letting go is causing our hearts to apprehend a love, healing and purity that resurrects everything around us and within us. I feel like the letting go is causing me to grab hold of the hem of his garments and in doing so, his garments are clothing me with his true character and nature— they are covering me with his glory. And they are healing me from things that I didn’t even know needed healing.

I am not prophesying a new day— I am declaring that we are now in that new day. If you are being held back by what you are holding onto from the old season— LET GO— it will be freedom and healing to your soul.



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