Your Fear— The Enemy’s Great Pleasure

By Kathi Pelton

This morning I was reading the story of when Elijah ran and hid from the threats and anger of Jezebel after he had all of the prophets of Baal killed. As I was seeing this story in my mind I suddenly heart a loud and sinister laugh in my spirit. I immediately knew that the enemy had laughed with great pleasure at Elijah’s fear as he ran and hid. Then I was taken to this time— a time where threats, mockery, lies and intimidation may be greater than any physical sickness. I saw many running in fear to hide in caves, terrified that the modern day Jezebels would find them and take their lives. Once again I heard that sinister laughter as the enemy saw God’s people running in fear. He seemed to enjoy the fear in God’s people, more than just about anything else.

Then I heard—

“Fear of your enemies is like the wind and earthquake that Elijah experienced on Mount Sinai. But I was not in the wind or the earthquake of fear. They merely revealed the strength of his fear. I am the God who whispers as you calm yourself before me. The fear of the Lord is the remedy that brings you into the peace that calms the fear raging within you so that you can finally hear my whisper.”

The enemy creates a whirlwind of fear so that you cannot hear the wisdom and instructions of the Lord. Do not be ashamed, for even the greatest of men like Elijah and David ran in fear from the threats and pursuit of their enemies. I see ministering angels coming to you as they came to Elijah in the cave to give you warm bread and a drink of cold water to strengthen you and give you rest from all that you have faced. He will bring you to the “mountain of God” for a visitation. He will whisper to you the wisdom that you need to go forward. Wisdom that will silence the enemy’s sinister laughter. The one who sought you to bring you harm will be the one who should have run in fear from the wisdom given to the prophets of the Lord.

God will have the final laugh as the victory is given to those who walk in the fear of the Lord and put their trust in him alone.

Eat, drink and rest in his presence— then ascend the mountain of the Lord to listen once again. He is refreshing you and will speak to you out of a place of stillness.

“Be still and know that I am God.”


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