By Kathi Pelton

I have been hearing the words in my spirit, “FULL CIRCLE.” My husband and I received a prophetic word a number of months back that we were coming into a “full circle” time. This was confirmation because I had the Lord speak that to me while I was traveling through Missouri last summer.

I have felt that for many we are in a time of circling from captivity to release, from delay to fulfillment and from robbery to recovery. I feel this over both individuals and nations.

As I was carrying these words, a prophetic friend shared that he felt that we are arriving into a “Gilgal” time. Gilgal is where the children of Israel stepped their feet when they crossed over the Jordan River into their long awaited Promised Land. Gilgal is translated as, “Full Circle!” This is where God’s people went from the captivity of Egypt into the “promise that was long awaited.”

The past few days I have had a picture in my spirit of the Jews as their circled the walls of Jericho. Seven times they circled the fortified city until they touched the full circle moment that caused the walls to come tumbling down. As it plays like a video in my mind, the moment of fullness is met with a mighty roar (shout) by both God’s people and the Lion of Judah.

It is interesting to note that last month a new song was released that many in the body of Christ are compelled to play on repeat. It is by Elevation Worship and the song is called, “Lion”. It is about the roar of God and his people and there is a powerful anointing upon it to prepare the way of the Lord. It opens ways and releases captives.

I see in my spirit many full circles happening where fortified walls will once again fall. There will be places that were designed in God’s original intent to be lands of promised inheritance— these places will come to that moment of a spiritual crescendo in time where God’s people will shout (roar) and be joined by the Lion of Judah. The walls will fall and God’s people will take the city! I see this over families and even over people groups.

A couple of years ago I was taken into an encounter that I feel is a NOW word for us. Here is the encounter that I had:

I was a small white lamb standing on a hillside looking down upon the walled city of Jericho. The voice of the Lord came to me and said, “Go down to the city and release your sound.” I said to the Lord, “I’m just a lamb and my sound is so very small.” But the voice of the Lord came once again and said, “Go down to the city and release your sound.” I began walking timidly toward the city and as I walked I noticed a large shadow overtop of me that I thought was a moving canopy. In my peripheral view I could see what appeared to be large poles moving with me as well. My first thought was that the Lord was covering me with His canopy of protection as I was moving toward this fortified city. When I was finally close to the city I heard Him say, “Now, release your sound.” I opened my mouth fully expecting the tiny bleet of a lamb to come forth but what came forth was the loudest lion’s roar I had ever heard. The sound caused the walls of this fortified city to crumble and the enemy scattered in every direction in absolute fear. Then, the scene changes and I found myself on a battlefield before an enormous enemy army. Standing front and center before me was the great giant, Goliath. Again I heard the words, “Go and stand before this giant and release your sound.” As I began to move forward the taunts and mockery from this giant were growing louder and louder. Yet, once again I noticed the shadow over me and what appeared to be poles beside me as I walked forward. As I stood in front of the giant I heard the voice of the Lord say, “Look up.” I looked up and what I thought was a canopy of protection covering me was actually the under-belly of the largest lion I had ever seen. Then I looked and what I had thought were the poles where actually his four massive legs. I knew that the Lion of Judah had been walking with me (over me) the entire time. With this new revelation; faith and confidence filled me— for the Lion was much larger than the giant that stood before me. Then he once again said, “Release your sound.” I opened my mouth to release my sound and what came forth was the roar of the Lion of Judah. The giant that stood before fell to his death. Then I heard the Lord speak the words, “I am with you— always!”

We are in a full circle time where victories will be realized and inheritances will be obtained. There is a roar that accompanies this moment of full circle— so at the appointed time— RELEASE YOUR ROAR.


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2 responses to “IT IS FULL CIRCLE TIME!”

  1. Hello. I might not have opened this email because of lack of time these days, but my elderly mother and I were playing Rummy (the card game) on Sunday afternoon, and she and I tied at 360 points.  lol   I said, “Mom!  Look!  360 is a FULL CIRCLE! ”  Interesting. :  )   God bless you.


    1. That’s such a fun story of why you opened this!

      May your full circle bring you victory!


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