Valleys Be Raised Up— Mountains Be Brought Low

By Kathi Pelton

During our worship service this past Sunday there was a moment when the Spirit of prophesy came upon the worship and the upon the people— God was declaring, “Mountains will be brought low and valleys will be raised up.”

As this was happening, I began to see what looked like a way being made— a way where there had been no way previously. Where mountains had blocked the way forward or valleys had been too low to go forward, suddenly the mountains were removed (or brought low) and the valleys were raised up. Then I saw this open up the way for “face to face” connection with the Lord.

It was as if the mountain had veiled the face of the Lord from being seen and the low valley had veiled the face of the one who wanted to see him through shame, unworthiness or unbelief. But, there was a roar that cleared the way, a prepared way for people to see Jesus, face to face— with no veil and no shadow.

As they saw him they were suddenly face to face with him. It reminded me of a Hawaiian greeting called the Honi. The Honi is the traditional Hawaiian greeting, meaning “to kiss.” This greeting is coming face to face while touching forehead to forehead, nose to nose and exchanging breath. This is the exact way that I saw the Lord and his bride— forehead to forehead, nose to nose and exchanging breath. A Heavenly kiss. I sensed that this face to face posture would not cease or end.

I also knew, in this moment of worship, that there was something happening over all the earth. It was not only a veil being removed— but mountains being removed, valleys being raised, giants being defeated and fortified walls coming down. It was a “preparation for the way of the Lord” to encounter nations. I could see a global revival that brought the revelation of the love and glory of the Lord to all the earth. It was released as this face to face “kiss” and breath was exchanged— like the breath that brought life to the dry bones.

As we know, not all will respond even when his glory is revealed, but MANY will! It will release both the terror of the Lord and the splendor of the Lord simultaneously. It will be a terror for those who turn away but a glorious splendor for those who are transformed by His glorious face.

“And we all, who with unveiled faces beholding the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory (from glory to glory), which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.” 2 Corinthians 3:18

Those who behold his glory will be transformed into his image! They will live in the splendor of the Lord and great joy will be heard from the people of God. Jesus will be seen in the faces of his people— they will shine like the face of Moses when he came down from Mount Sinai. If all the people had gone up, they all would have beheld his glory— not only Moses— but because they were in a low valley they did not have confidence to go before the Lord. That is about to change and we will go together and as one, we will greet the Son in face to face intimacy and exchange breath!

Declare with me, “The mountains will be brought down and the valleys will be raised up— veils are being removed, giants are being defeated and fortified walls are falling down! We draw near into a face to face, breath to breath posture with the Lion of Judah.”


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