Be Still— A Prophetic Dream

By Kathi Pelton

I recently had a very interesting dream. In the dream I was walking out of a conference type center in a thick wilderness setting. I was alone and began walking across the parking lot when a mother grizzly bear and her cub ran across this parking lot about fifty feet in front of me. As I watched her and her cub run toward the woods I noticed that a couple that I know from British Columbia, Canada was also leaving the building to enter the parking lot. They came out just as the bear and her cub passed by. Then I heard them yell to me (I was quite a distance away from them), “Kathi, don’t move! Be still and don’t move!” Immediately I saw in my peripheral view a huge male grizzly bear approaching me quickly. I knew it was the father bear to the cub that had run by. I froze in place and saw my friends hide behind some trees. Somehow I was keenly aware that they were on their knees praying for me.

Rather than run in fear or even tremble in fear, an absolute and resolute stillness came upon me. In my mind, the words, “Be still, be still, be still” repeated over and over— and though the bear was now standing only inches from me— I was able to be still and was without fear.

Then I heard the Spirit speak to me, “Kathi, be still and know that I am God.” Just as I heard those words, this massive grizzly put his wet nose to my cheek and let out a large snort that dampened my face (I could actually feel his wet nose and his hot, damp breath upon my face in the dream— as if it were actually happening to me). Yet— I did not move or flinch or even feel fear— only a supernatural stillness. At that point the bear began to walk away and I woke up.

This dream may have many meanings (especially with the Ukraine/Russia war beginning during the time that I had it), but I also believe that it spoke to a supernatural stillness that we can remain in amid great threat of harm or even death. My whole being entered into a posture of trust that overcame all fear. I also took notice of how my friends praying for me was instrumental in the peace and stillness that I was able to maintain. We were partnered together like one in this moment

There is a posture of trust in God that does not flinch or move when threatened. The enemy will not understand it or launch an attack while in this posture. Prayer and a posture of stillness was key in this dream to assure my safety.

God wants you to know that your prayers matter and make a difference to those who are facing great threats and dangerous giants. He also wants you to know that if you are the one who is being threatened— be still and know that He is God! Say to your soul, “Be still, be still, be still.” Watch how His peace will overshadow and protect you.

He is your refuge and your deliverer!


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2 responses to “Be Still— A Prophetic Dream”

  1. This word is for me! I receive it. Thank you! I value this ministry so much. I feel encouraged and at peace. God is working it out.Sent from Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are so very welcome. May the peace of Christ guard your heart and mind always! Blessings ♥️


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