Vision of The Send Stadium

By Kathi Pelton

In early 2020 I was with David Bradshaw and the Awaken the Dawn team at the Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace and received this vision. The Send was originally planned for 2020 and we were preparing in prayer— God knew the right time. Here is the vision:

Vision of a Baby Place in Bassinet That Was A Stadium

During a prayer session in the prayer furnace in Fredericksburg, Virginia (on 2/14/2020) we all entered into a time of praying in the spirit. As we pressed in I was taken into a visionary encounter where I saw the Father cradling a baby. He was holding it so tenderly and gently. He was gazing intently into the baby’s eyes so I looked to see the baby’s face. I was surprised to see that rather than an infant’s face it was a globe of the world. This globe had eyes but they appeared to be blind and it had life but seemed not to comprehend who was holding it with such love and care.

Then the Father blew the baby a kiss and when His breath touched the baby’s eyes they suddenly could see and it’s mind was awakened to see and comprehend the agape love that held it. His kiss blew away the darkness that had hidden His face and His beauty from His creation.

As the baby was given sight, light and revelation of the love of God, the angels came and surrounded the One who held it.

I looked as the angels came and some where holding clean, white linen garments to put upon the baby; for the darkness had soiled it.

The Father held the baby up and many angels took the baby from the Father’s arms to change it’s garments.

I watched as they set the baby into what at first appeared to be a bassinet but as I looked closer it was actually a stadium (such a a sports team would play in). This baby filled the stadium and I began to hear songs of praise, prayers in many languages and the sound of many instruments coming forth that caused the baby to rest and be still while the angels removed it’s soiled garments and replaced them with clean garments.

It was like the scene from the Book of Zechariah 3 where Joshua the High Priests garments are changed. It was “not by might, nor by power but by His Spirit.” (Zach.4:6)

I believe that the nations (His created ones) will be brought to the stadium in Kansas City (and then others) where God’s people are releasing the sounds of love and worship and suddenly their eyes will be opened to see God and their minds will be able to comprehend the depths, width and heights of His love. As they stand in the stadiums myriads angels will come to change their garments just as happened in Zechariah 3. A sovereign move of God will occur as His people come to gather in stadiums across the world. Many will have their eyes open just by being in the atmosphere in the cities where the stadiums are located and this will cause them to find the source of what opened their eyes.

This baby is the nations and is His created ones. The baby will see, it will be set free from darkness and will be clothed in clean, pure garments.


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