God Is So Personal— A Testimony…

God Is So Personal— A Testimony
Kathi Pelton

A few days ago I was walking with my daughter-in-law, Ashlee and we were admiring all the different types of clover that there are in our area. I casually mentioned that in all my years of living, that I have never found a four leafed clover. As a child I would sit on our lawn and look for one for hours— yet, I never found one. It wasn’t about “luck” or anything superstitious— it was just the joy of searching for something I’d never seen or found.

Two days later, we were on another walk together when we stopped to admire more flowers and more beauty. I looked down and saw a huge patch of clovers and standing tall among all the other clovers was a large four-leafed one! It was like it was standing up to say, “Here I am— pick me!”

My daughter-in-law amusingly looked at me and said, “That has to be prophetic!” We laughed and carried on.

During this walk we also came across a large patch of orange California Poppies. Since I grew up in California, where poppies are the state flower, I was taught from a young age that it is illegal to pick them— so I have never in my life picked a poppy. Once again, my daughter-in-law spoke up and said, “This is Oregon— go ahead and pick one!” I hesitated but decided to pick a poppy for the first time in my life. As I bent down I saw that there was one white poppy among all of the orange ones. I cannot remember ever seeing a white poppy so that is the one I picked. I later looked up white poppies and the white one that I found is called a “White Linen California Poppy.” I have been studying and writing about the meaning of “being clothed in white linens” lately so this made my find even more personal.

The next day, I was pondering the words, “It has to be prophetic” and suddenly heard the Lord speak. He said,

“You have entered a time of finding what you have long looked for and discovering what you have never seen. You will do things that you have never done before and gain things you have never had.”

Wow! I wasn’t asking for a word or even seeking one— just pondering my treasures and the words, “This has to be prophetic!”

God is speaking to us always! He loves to speak to us through unusual and personal ways that catch our attention. He knows that nature and beauty speak to me so he left treasures on my path. Then he spoke through them.

Pay attention to his messages that come through the simple (yet profound) mysteries and treasures that come your way. Listen for his voice because he is speaking and may have a promise for you to obtain.

Let your life be a treasure hunt for the mysteries of God on earth and in heaven.

(For a wonderful book on hearing God’s voice— get Jodie Hughes’s book, “The King’s Prophetic Voice”— it’s an excellent resource!)


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