He is Able! It’s Time to Step Out and Walk Into “The More!”

By Kathi Pelton

“He is able!”

Ephesians 3:20,

“Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or imagine.”

Pray and decree this verse over your life and your family. The Lord deeply desired to release His “more” and “miraculous” upon His sons and daughters.

The Lord has been speaking to me that this will be a summer of supernatural and miraculous desires fulfilled. If that is so, we should be aligning our faith with the miraculous. Anyone can believe for the possible but we are called to believe and expect the impossible.

He is able and He is willing! It is His desire to do above and beyond what you can ask or imagine. It’s time to dream with God— beyond what you can imagine or what you have desired.

It is His mighty work and power within us that accomplishes “the more”. Often I will hear how people merely wait for a miracle or for their desire to be fulfilled rather than understanding that the miracle may come to pass as you step out in partnership with promise and open door. You may have to step out of the boat like Peter did when Jesus called to him to walk on water. Though Peter did the stepping out— it was God’s power that enabled him to walk upon the water.

There is a divine partnership that we’ve been invited into. It is our faith and willingness to step out linked with the mighty power of God at work within us that often brings the breakthrough. Often people do not experience this miraculous power because they forget to step out where God is calling them to step. Peter had to get out of the boat to walk on the water when Jesus sai, “Come to me.” Peter also had to leave his life as a fisherman to follow Jesus and become a fisher of men. Jesus invited him but would never have forced him. Peter had to accept the invitation and then he received “the more than he ever imagined.”

God is constantly opening doors but we must walk through them. I have had to walk through a lot of open doors in my life; often leaving behind what seemed secure to move into places that would be no less miraculous than walking on water. It was merely Jesus standing at the open door and inviting me to come in. I’ve have to leave the natural comforts and securities in order to experience the supernatural power of God to do “more than I can ask or imagine.”Quite honestly, my life has been a continuous miracle in so many ways. It has truly been far more than I ever dated to ask and even more than I knew to imagine.

I had a choice and you have a choice. He will not force you but rather He invites you. There is a doorway that leads you into the Ephesians 3:20 “more” that is open to His children. You are invited to come through this door but you may need to move from what is known and natural to what is unknown and supernatural. HE IS ABLE! The “more than you can ask or imagine” is waiting for you.

You have to believe that He is able, through His mighty power at work in your life, to do more than you can ask or imagine. Step out and go through the door that is before you. He is able.


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