God is Breaking Off Cycles of Shame and Defeat

By Kathi Pelton

Get ready to receive revelation after revelation of how He loves you, how He sees you and who He is within you! These revelations will cause your eyes and focus to shift from self to Savior— the One who has overcome every place of sin, shame, defeat and death.

You will be awakened by these truths that will set you free— for you will be free from cycles that leave you running in circles but get you nowhere.

The enemy is constantly trying to redefine you according to who he desires you to be— broken, defeated and looking nothing like the image of God that you were created to reveal. He wants your identity and image to reveal depravity, shame and defeat. Ultimately, he truly just wants to hurt the heart of God— knowing that He loves you with an everlasting and eternal love.

If your gaze has been looking at self (navel gazing) or even at your shortcomings— it’s time to look up and gaze at the One who paid the price for all of your sin and shortcomings. Look how He is reaching out to you with arms to restore and redeem you back to who He created you to be. He is putting the image of His Son upon you— He is clothing you in righteousness— not your own, but His! He is putting white garments upon you and causing you to move forward and upward. No longer will shame cycles keep you moving in circles because there is no defeat for those in Christ.



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