Ready, Set, Go!

Kathi Pelton

The body of Christ has entered a time of acceleration and of seeing God go before us to cause things to happen in quick succession. Many are hearing the words, “Get ready!” Others are seeing dominoes falling— one after the other. Something has begun and we are in a “READY, SET GO” time.

The things that are happening are due to the sovereign timing of the Lord and the partnership of faith and prayer from His family. We not only see this in the United States but throughout the nations. Suddenly we are seeing unprecedented events and historic breakthroughs that we have prayed for many decades. His remnant is arising with courage and boldness as they are quickened by the leading of the Commander of the Host of Heaven. Even the things that were meant for evil, suddenly God is turning them for good (not only good but for righteousness). We must even see the evil that is released through the perspective of the Lord, our Redeemer. When we view things through Him— we can take hope in the fact that when evil is touched by God— it is redeemed for good.

I have the honor of walking with a global team of men and women from dozens of nation. If I could share with you the sudden and fast moving breakthroughs that are happening (especially in the Middle East) the stories would give you great hope that a global harvest of souls has begun. I will save those stories for another time in order to protect the tender shoots that are even now springing up, but take heart— it is happening.

Family is key in this hour. God is building a family that will lay down their lives for one another, hear one another, make room for one another and love like only family loves. The old wineskin of buildings that house systems and agendas is bursting each time that the new wine touches it. A new wineskin is coming forth that will hold this new wine. It looks like family and it consists of sons and daughters, fathers and mothers and of generations that honor one another.

Most of us wouldn’t think twice about giving everything we have (including our very lives) for our spouse or child— that is because they are family. We are connected by love, not just a common belief or interest. Honest conversation are beginning to happen in the body of Christ for the sake of unmasking deep rooted pain and to bring healing to a global pandemic of disunity and broken covenants. Oneness is family— and when we become family the world will see the image of the Godhead.

To this end, my husband and I have been invited to go to Plymoth, Massachusetts, Boston, Massachusetts, Virginia and Washington DC to help see the family of God in our nation strengthened, edified and built up. It is a quick and sudden invitation that takes place in just two short weeks. The cost of this travel will be in the thousands due to airline, hotel, gas and car rental costs. But we know that GOD IS ABLE! He is able to make a way for what is on His heart. He makes a way to see His family formed on earth as it is in heaven.

We would like to invite you to partner with us in seeing this happen. The dominos are falling and family must be in place so that those coming in will find a home— in our nation and every nation. This is a “ready, set, go” time for us and for you.

If you feel to sow into this sudden open door, the link below will lead you to our ministry donation page. Or you can write to me at: to find out other ways to give. Thank you for standing with God’s heart for family as you give to us at this crucial time.

Thank you from the depths of our hearts for praying and standing with us as we follow His lead.

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