The Noose and Snake That Will Be Cut In Pieces

By Kathi Pelton

On July 21st I had a dream that at first disturbed me— but then the Lord gave me understanding and I was encouraged. I pray that you will be encouraged as well.

In the dream, I walked into a room to find my youngest son, Jonathan David (who will be 27 next month), being hung. He was suffocating and nearly at his end. I quickly went to cut the rope that was hanging him only to find that it was not a rope, but rather a snake. I cut it to pieces and my son was freed from the grip of death.

After he was freed and begun to breathe again, I said to him, “Wow, you were 74% toward death.” I didn’t know why I said this or how I knew this. I also noticed deep purple bruising on his back but otherwise he was spared and would fully recover. (End of Dream)

Naturally this was a disturbing dream for a mom. But, that same day my husband and I were on our way to be a part of a prophetic round table. As we met I felt to share my dream and we began to discern it’s meaning.

First, my son didn’t represent “himself” but rather his generation. His name is also a prophetic sign in the dream. Jonathan David is his name and this dream speaks of a generation that will come together in oneness, devotion, unity and as family. Jonathan and David (in the Bible) were best friends, protectors of one another, brothers in the spirit, warriors and men of honor. They had one another’s backs. This is a picture of how this generation of young men and women will walk and battle together. This is a terrifying partnership to the enemy. John 17 talks about the “oneness” (with Him and with one another) being what causes the world to know that the Father sent Jesus into the world to save it. Oneness releases captives, opens eyes and brings forth the revelation of truth.

The enemy desires to suffocate this “Jonathan and David” generation before they can come together and join in a divine friendship and partnership. He has sent a Leviathan serpent to kill them. He wants to remove their breathe, cause them anxiety, panic and stop them from moving. Leviathan has fashioned himself like a noose around their necks.

But wait, before death enters— a mom enters the room. Moms represent prayer, protection, discernment, nurturing and “watching over their children.” When I entered the room I immediately find something to cut my son free. In this dream, I cut the serpent into pieces so that he could not be used as a noose ever again.

I then say to my son, “Wow, you were 74% toward death.” Of a matter of fact, in the dream I repeated that sentence at least three different times. As we discerned this together, we heard Psalm 74:14 which says,

“It was you who crushed the heads of Leviathan and gave it as food to the creatures of the desert.”

The mom represents God as well. He is the one who will crush Leviathan. The crushing is devised against our sons and daughters but will come upon the serpent!
If his life was 74% gone then it still had 26% of life left. Psalm 26:9-11 (911) says,

“Do not take away my soul along with sinners, my life with those who are bloodthirsty, in whose hands are wicked schemes, whose right hands are full of bribes. I lead a blameless life; deliver me and be merciful to me.”

Last, after I freed my son, I noticed that he had deep purple bruising. I was immediately taken to

“A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out. In faithfulness he will bring forth justice; he will not falter or be discouraged till he establishes justice on earth. In his teaching the coastlands will put their hope.” Isaiah 42:3-4

The Hebrew word for bruised conveys a deep contusion such as one might receive if “crushed.” The word actually means “to crush.” A reed is a stalk of grain and if a reed is crushed, it will never again produce grain. This verse is saying that even if one is crushed and should no longer be able to be fruitful or effective— but God will spare and heal— and crush the enemy. This is a wonderful promise to a generation that is being crushed (bruised) by this Leviathan.

I also find it interesting that I cut the serpent into pieces because I was going to Boston the next day to be a part of a “turnaround” at the historic Faneuil Hall. When we arrived in Boston I went to the Old North Church to see if I could find some old key replicas to buy and ended up buying my son, Jonathan David, a “Don’t Tread On Me” shirt. Soon afterwards, I realized that it has a snake divided into 13 pieces (representing the 13 colonies) upon it. I sense that this part of the dream reveals a rising up against tyranny by this generation and a returning to God’s original intent for our nation (the original 13 colonies).

God will establish justice on earth through this “Jonathan and David” generation and they will put their hope in Him (Isaiah 42:4).

Though it appears that life is being suffocated out of our sons and daughters— God will rescue and save them. He will heal them and restore them. They will be workers in the great harvest that walk in a John 17:20-23 oneness with God and one another. I believe that over the next three years we will see a massive turnaround for our sons and daughters— they will be leading us into a great harvest of souls and walking in a way that will fulfill the prayer of Jesus.

Begin to decree and establish the verses throughout this word over your sons and daughters, over our nation and over the earth. Let us arise in authority to decrees that establish what the Lord has said.



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