Two Dreams: We Can Change What the Enemy Had Planned

By Kathi Pelton

A while back I had two dreams on the same night that I believe gave a clear message of how we can change what the enemy has planned.

In the first dream I was taken over the earth and then into the spiritual atmosphere of the second heavens. When I got there I saw a timeline that looked like individual “film stills” (photos) that were being set in place for future days. These scenes and pictures gave the appearance of being securely set in place— as if once set— they were unchangable. They seemed to prophesy out of the demonic realm. I saw it as if the enemy was producing a movie that was being played out on earth ahead of time. It was his narrative and his script for what lies ahead. And he wanted to set thr release date which did not align with God’s times or seasons.

Then, as I looked upon this furture timeline (which included catastrophic events, upheaval and hopelessness) and I suddenly saw smoke coming from the earth that was from a huge golden incense jar. This wasn’t like the smoke that billows from a fire with dark plumes of grey-black, but it was a steady stream of colorful smoke that danced like a gentle river as it ascending toward heaven.

When this incense touched this future timeline that was being set in place by the enemy, the demonic photos of his “Coming Soon” production began to melt away. They were being pulled out of what had appeared “set and secured” for our future and it the scenes began to fade away as this incense touched it, causing the scenes to disappear.

Then I saw before my eyes the words, “PRAYER CHANGES THINGS.”

As I woke up I heard the Spirit of the Lord repeating over and over, “Pray, it changes things! Pray, pray, pray!” I saw once again how prayer creates an incense that interrupts the enemy’s plan and script to make an opening in the heavens for God’s will and plans to come to earth. It is when God’s people pray that times and seasons align with the will of God. It makes a way for “On earth as it is in Heaven.”

The enemy always has a different script that wants to usurp God’s ways, plans and timeline. His brings hopelessness that gives the message that “no change is available” but God is inviting us to pray like never before because the prayers of the saints will melt away the plans of the evil one and open up a way for the plans of the Lord to be done on earth in His way and His timing. God’s ways always bring hope and promise; even in the midst of judgement. Mercy remains present!

The same night I had a second dream. In that dream I had to was able to hear a constant sound that was playing over the earth. This was a demonic sound that was repeating phrases over and over, causing people to be brainwashed with the deceptive messaging. They spoke evil things and called them good and then redefined good things as evil.

The messaging was from a seductive spirit that caused even some of God’s elect to begin to have their thoughts and minds altered because their senses had been compromised by not being truly set apart in purity and holiness.

In this dream the spiritual soundtrack of these messages were constant as well as subliminal. I remember at one point in the dream being allowed to briefly feel the alluring that was being released upon people’s minds so that they would begin to believe the unimaginable— and engage in the unnatural and perverse evils. It was like a drug that altered minds.

Though I was not shown a solution in this particular dream (only the condition of what was happening), I woke up wanting to trumpet the Word of God like a shofar into the atmosphere. I longed to get my Bible out and begin to pray and decree His infallible Word. I wanted to shout the good news of the gospel of Christ and His truths as written in the scriptures.

I believe that in these two dreams there are two clear messages:

• Prayer releases an incense that cuts through the future plans of the enemy and opens a way for “on earth as it is in Heaven.” And,

• The sound of the Living Word that is found in the written Word will overcome the sound that is redefining what is evil as good and what is good as evil. Release His sound of truth!

Please take the strategies that the Lord is releasing and put them into action. This is not merely a time to say, “Amen” but to put into practice prayer and the declarations of His written Word that is alive! Pray the Word, pray in the Spirit, pray for His will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Join the intercession of Jesus.

We must not be passive and begin to sink under the lies that says no change is available. If that was so then why does Jesus intercede? Why did He pray during His time on earth and why did He teach His disciples to pray? It is because, PRAYER CHANGES THINGS! We also know that His Word does not return void— so release His Word!

May your Kingdom come soon. May your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.” Matthew 6:10

Let’s pray and declare his Word like never before!


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