Turn the Storm Tour— Through the Original 13 Colonies

13 COLONIES/13 DAYS— TURN THE STORM TOUR— Lamplighter Ministries (Jon & Jolene Hamill, Kathi Pelton, Chris Mitchell and more)

From September 1st through September 13th the Lord has called us to go to thirteen states (the original 13 colonies) for a “Turn The Storm” tour. God has given dreams, prophetic words and clear direction that a storm is coming in the Fall. God is asking us to turn the storm so that it propels us forward as a people and nation rather than overtakes us.

During our last east coast tour in July/August, God gave Kathi three significant dreams that she knew were to be shared with Jon and Jolene Hamill of Lamplighter Ministries (Washington DC). Her dreams brought clarity to what the Lord was speaking to them and an urgency to prepare to see a storm turned.

To hear the dreams, the vision and what the Lord is asking, you can watch the Hamills and Kathi here: https://youtu.be/_6cn1kqTBPU

We are in days of suddenlies where without advanced notice the Lord says, “Go here, do this, declare that…” We are hearing Him say, “Will you be ready in the day of His power?” We have made ourselves ready and we will go and see that the Lord receives the full reward for His suffering. He desires mercy amid judgments, therefore, we say yes when He calls.

This tour will involve thirteen states in thirteen days! That is unheard of…but the Lord will give grace. We will be in Boston, Massachusetts on 9/10 to retrace the midnight call of Paul Revere and New York City on 9/11 at the World Trade Center and 9/11 museum. Our final leg will be in Philadelphia at Independence Hall.

This tour is requiring a lot of prayer and finance. Ten days of travel, hotels in some of the most costly cities in our nation and plane tickets. We need your help to make this happen and for it to go smoothly. If you feel to pray or fast for this time, please let us know that you are partnering with us. And if you will sow financially, you will be a part of all that we will do— even seeing your personal storm turn!

To sow into this important tour, go to: https://www.inscribeministries.com/partner-with-us.html

To let us know that you’re praying along with us, write us at: jkpelton@sbcglobal.net

It is time to be ahead of the storm and let it be at our backs to propel us forward! We will be updating you as we go. Thank you for standing with the Lord and with us— we know that you will personally benefit from partnering with this tour. Be sure to listen to the YouTube video with the Hamills and Kathi Pelton.

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