He is Calling Out, “Come!” You Will Leave a Glory Trail Wherever You Go!

By Kathi Pelton

I have been hearing a theme that is centered around an invitation to “Come.” It seems that everywhere I go or every group I speak with is hearing the word, “Come”

There is an invitation in the spirit to come— “Come to the table I’ve set for you, in the presence of your enemies. Come into intimate and set apart time with Me. Come and run with Me. Come with Me into the battle that I have already won. Come, walk with Me in the garden of life. Come, buy oil so that your lamp burns bright!”

The invitations are calling to us in the day and in the night. It is an invitation into His glory, into His presence and into oneness with Him. There is no striving in the invitation, just a response. We say, “Yes, we will come.”

The same grace that saved you, not by works but by faith, is upon each aspect of His invitation to “Come.” You may have to leave where you’ve been or what you’ve been doing to but what has been prepared for you is so much more than what you’ve previously known. It is like walking down the aisle as a bride, you will leave the place of dreaming and enter the place of fulfillment. That is the invitation— into the fulfillment of your dreams and His dreams for you.

Do not hesitate— do not look back or hold onto what lies behind because He’s calling you into the new day, the day of fulfillment and oneness. He’s saying, “It’s time to live your dream, not just dream your dream.”

Much of the warfare that many are experiencing in this hour is against this invitation. Your partnership with Jesus and your “yes” is a terrible threat to his plans. He knows the power of this union, therefore— he seeks to distract, delay, dilute and divide you from leaving where you have been to enter into the invitation from your Beloved to “Come.”

Your “yes” causes the darkness to tremble and the steps you take shake his plans until they begin to crumble. Each step forward is a strike against the enemy’s plans to kill, steal and destroy. Wherever your feet touch— the land is legally given to you. His glory is going with you. It all belongs to Him.

I hear the Lord saying, “You are leaving an oil trail wherever you go!”

Have you ever seen the trail of where a snail has been? They leave behind a slime or mucus trail that propels them forward and protects them from hazards that they cross over. Their stomach is actually their foot. Well you are leaving a glory trail of heavenly oil. It will propel you forward and protect you from obstacles and hazards planted in your path by the enemy. Every place your foot touches will leave a glory trail! A trail of heavenly oil.

Watch, because very soon fire will fall and ignite the trail of glory (oil) that you have left behind in every place your feet have touched as you responded to His invitation. As you run with Him, spend time with Him and say yes to every invitation to “come”, you are leaving a trail that will doom become revival fire.

Get up— He is calling to you to “COME!” Shake off all that hinders you and wipe the sleep from your eyes, for it is time to move forward.


On September 4th Kathi leaves for the “TURN THE STORM TOUR.” The tour will cover 13 states in 13 days (the original 13 colonies). God has asked her and the team she is traveling with to “turn the storm” that is brewing over our nation.

You can partner with this assignment in prayer and support. We are asking for people to prayerfully consider funding one day of Kathi’s out of pocket expenses during this time— we have five days covered so far). Each day is $250 so if you can cover a day (or part of a day), we know that you will be blessed with all that is accomplished on this tour.

To find out more about the tour (locations/mandate) or to sow financially, go to: https://www.inscribeministries.com/

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