The Turn The Storm Tour Has Begun!

Dear Friends,

THE TOUR HAS BEGUN!! Thirteen states in thirteen days. We will even be at the 9/11 Memorial in New York City on 9/11.

We would love your prayers as we go to see the demonic storm against our sons and daughters, our nation and our God turn! We are exited to see all that God will do as we continue this unprecedented 13 states in 13 days tour.

We are still looking for four more commitments from those who feel to cover a day of the tour. Four gifts of $250.00 will cover what is left to cover the expenses. We so appreciate your prayers and those who have partnered with us in giving— we consider you a part of the tour and pray every blessing and decree that comes from this tour upon you and your loved ones.

I will be posting updates as we go— even from the 9/11 Memorial in NYC. Thank you for your prayers and love.

To support one day of the tour or to give a one time gift toward this tour, go to:

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