Never Forget

By Kathi Pelton

Today, September 11, 2022 marks 21 years since our nation was forever changed. As parents were getting their children ready for their kids ready for their first week of school, reports of fire in one of the World Trade buildings in New York City were coming in. As I fed my kindergartner son breakfast we received a call asking if our TV was on. I said no and my mother-in-law urged me to quickly turn it on.

Little did I know that turning on that TV would reveal a horrific event that would change our lives and nation. My young son would not remember what the world was like prior to 9/11/2001. This would be the reality that his generation would live with— terrorism had entered our lives in a dramatic and traumatic way.

As I spend this 9/11 in New York City to pray, honor the lost and REMEMBER— I also remember what Jesus did for us. Another day that changed the course of history. To the onlookers (his disciples, his mother and followers), it was also deeply painful and traumatic. Yet, that dramatic event was opening the door of salvation by grace for every person— even the men and women who lost their lives in New York, at the Pentagon and in the planes used to carry out the acts on September 11, 2001. For those who have not forgotten what Christ has done and have chosen to receive His gift of salvation— death has lost its sting and we await a glorious eternal future.

Another thing that is NEVER FORGOTTEN is God’s covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This is a covenant that we’ve been brought into as heirs of Christ. His covenant promises are from generation to generation. Our nation was also established in covenant with men and women who dedicated it to God. And He has not forgotten that covenant!

Let today be a day of remembering— remembering the lost and remembering that we have a Redeemer that takes what the enemy means for evil and can turn it for the good of many. Let us not forget the sacrifice Jesus paid so that we have an eternal hope of everlasting life.


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