Shout It Out! The Impossible Will Become Possible!

Kathi Pelton

Last week my husband and I were returning to our home in the Portland, Oregon area from a speaking engagement and short vacation in Montana. As many know, Portland has been quite the spiritual battleground— and a natural battlefield as well with crime and occult activity. Many would consider it hopeless or beyond recovery but the Lord has a different report for Portland and many cities like it. He has a different report for the hopeless situation that you are facing today.

As we drove into Portland (through the Gateway area) the Spirit of the Lord fell on both of us and we began prophesying over the city with absolute confidence and clarity. The good report of the Lord was pouring through us and we were declaring it with anointing and power from God.

I then heard Jesus say, “Tell the people to shout it out— I have come to rescue and save!” I recognized these words from a line in a Brian Johnson song, “You Have Won Me”. I immediately wanted to call our worship leader to tell him, “You must play that song on Sunday so that we can ’Shout it out’ together!” I never did call him and ask him to play it but as we entered into a powerful corporate worship Sunday, suddenly he began to lead us in that very song. The whole place erupted in high praise as we sang the words,

“Shout it out and lift up one voice in worship

Sing it out until all the earth can hear it

Jesus is alive and He saves
He rescues and saves”

I can’t remember the last time we did that song and I knew that it was confirmation of what we had heard as we prayed and prophesied in our car days before.

Though our experience was about the city of Portland, I felt this shout over the impossible places and circumstances that his people are facing. I felt it over families. I felt it over the lost and the prodigals. I felt it over nations and people groups. I felt it over hopeless situations that weighed heavy upon different ones. God has a good report that he is bringing forth amid giants and what appears hopeless.

It is time to “shout out his good report” over the impossibilities and hopeless situations and cities. Jesus is ALIVE AND HE SAVES— HE RESCUES AND SAVES!

He is for you and he has heard your prayers. He is the victorious commander of angel armies and he is coming to rescue and save! Shout it over your city, shout it over your home, shout it over your prodigal, shout it over your IMPOSSIBLE!

He will rescue and save you!


We just completed months of ministry tours and travels and God did amazing things! Yet, due to the high cost of travel at this time, we are about $1200 short of covering the complete costs of our travel expenses. If you would prayerfully consider helping us to make up this deficit we would be greatly appreciative! Thank you so much and we pray that all that was accomplished will be poured out upon you and your household!

To give, go to:

Or, you can send a gift to: Inscribe Ministries/ 149 NE Ocean Loop, Hillsboro, Oregon 97124

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