Clearing The Air

By Kathi Pelton

The air in our city is filled with smoke today from a nearby wildfire. It’s hard to breathe and hard to see— air quality is poor. As I thought about this today it reminded me about how our spiritual perspective can pollute or clear the atmosphere of our lives.

The enemy is always trying to start emotional wildfires. He kindles strife, fear, insecurities, divisions, doubts and so much more. The moment we begin to engage with these demonic sparks— we pour gas on it. Then all we can see and breathe is the polluted spiritual and emotional atmosphere around us.

In about 24-hours, rain is coming to my region. It will not only clear the air of smoke but it will douse the fire that is raging out of control. Jesus is the downpour that we need when we have allowed all the “smoke and mirrors” to rob us of our peace. He comes and speaks truth while pouring out cleansing over our lives. He clears our minds and calms our fears— he douses the out-of-control fire that surrounds you.

If you are having a hard time seeing beyond the raging circumstances that surround you or are finding it difficult to breathe because fear and anxiety are sitting on your chest— it’s time to let Jesus clear the air around you.

You were not created to live in a polluted spiritual atmosphere but are invited to live in the peace that surpasses your understanding and in the love that gives you joy amid trials. Return to the truth of his promises and stand under the rain that washes away the ash and smoke.

It’s time to thrive—


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