With God— ALL Things Are Possible!

By Kathi Pelton

There is not an impossible situation that I do not believe is possible with God! I live in that posture everyday. I will never not BELIEVE that in Christ— all things are possible.

But— I am just going to say something that may not go down well with some who read this…I do not believe that we need to deny what we are facing to believe for a miracle! I think that a lot of our “name it and claim it” or “don’t say it or you’ll come into agreement with it” come under superstitious thinking rather than Biblical faith.

Blind Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-52) had no problem crying out and saying, “I am blind and I want to see!” And because of his faith— he was healed. He did not sit quietly claiming, “I am not blind.” His acknowledgment of the natural condition that was upon his life did not hinder his faith that Jesus could heal him.

Yet, in the body of Christ, I see this all the time and it’s becomes a huge burden that stops our souls from processing painful events and often hinders our faith. Why do we need faith for healing if we refuse to acknowledge we are sick or in need? We can acknowledge what is happening to us (or someone we know) and from that natural place we call out to Jesus with a supernatural faith.

Over the years I have been around so many impossible situations where unnatural guidelines were placed that quite honestly felt as though my hands were tied and my prayers of faith were given a very low ceiling to work with. I do not believe that our faith is hindered if we acknowledge that a doctor’s report says that the diagnosis has some sort of a negative outcome. We can acknowledge that the physician has given, to the best of their ability, a report on what science knows about that particular disease or illness. From that place we call out for mercy and healing, knowing that our God is able to heal and even resurrect. Natural truth does should not hinder spiritual faith! It merely acknowledges that there is a need for a miracle.

The woman with the issue of blood did not sit home saying, “I am not sick, I am not bleeding.” No, she knew that she needed a touch from Jesus and she ran after him to receive it (Mark 5). This miracle happened when Jesus was on his way to perform a different miracle for Jairus, one of the synagogue leaders. Jairus had fallen at the feet of Jesus, pleading, ”My little daughter is dying. Please come and put your hands on her so that she will be healed and live.” His daughter died by the time that Jesus arrived but because of her dad’s faith, Jesus raised her back to life.

No one was afraid to speak what was happening to them or what was wrong with their loved one. They merely followed the natural facts with a supernatural faith that they pursued until they brought it to Jesus.

To say, “I am sick” or “I am blind” is not to attach your faith to the diagnoses, it is merely to say, “I need a touch from the Master’s hand.”

I have met many Christians that seem to operate in a form of superstition— and then they demand that those around them do the same. I have been told not to say the word cancer or whatever word describes the condition needing a miracle. How do you pray for a condition that you’ve been forbidden to acknowledge exists? My faith is bigger than any diagnosis or condition. Do not live in fear of what is a natural fact because we are not putting our hope in facts but in faith through Jesus.

If I am lacking any good thing (provision, help, wisdom, etc), I take it to God in prayer and apply my faith. I know that he is able to do all things! I do not carry on as if nothing is happening— afraid that if I acknowledge my need that I’ve bound myself to it. No, I take the impossible to the One who makes all things possible!

We live as citizens of heaven while
still clothed in human bodies and living amid human suffering. In this natural place we have a divine advocate and a healer who’s name is Jesus. We have a hope that surpasses the plight of our humanity and have a God who can turn our impossibilities into miraculous possibilities.

You do not need to be afraid to acknowledge what you might be facing but don’t stop there! Fall at the feet on the One who can heal, provide, set free and make the impossibles possible. Fear and denial will not provide your breakthrough— it is time to put your faith in Jesus.


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