America- I Heard the Lord Say, “It’s Turnaround Time!”

By Kathi Pelton

On October 31st I was praying for our nation and heard a clear announcement and declaration in my spirit, “It’s time to turn, it’s time to turn!”

As I heard these words I went into a vision of a massive ship that I understood represented the United States of America. It was being ordered to make an immediate turnaround. Then I knew that it was a time for “all hands on deck.” God’s people where being told, “Take the helm, take hold of the helm.” And together through prayers, declarations and acts of obedience we grabbed hold of the helm and began to turn this massive ship.

The sense I received was of utmost urgency— yet with this urgency came excitement and great expectancy. As we partner with God to turn the ship— IT WILL TURN. Now is the time for America to turnaround— to turn back to Christian values and God’s original intent. To align with His compass and find our true north once again.

Then the vision continued and as this great ship turned back in the direction it was commissioned to go, a large wake was created from the abrupt turn. As America turned, the wake it created caused other nations to turn. The turning of this ship (America) even resulted in lives turned, prodigals returning, hearts turned, governments turning— even circumstances turning around both personally and globally. In this encounter I literally heard people crying out, “What must I do to be saved?”

It is time to prophetically put our hands to the helm of this ship and begin to turn the wheel. Declare, “America is turning back to God, back to Christian values, back to a righteous moral compass.”

Do not delay— begin today to partner with God to see America turn. If you are in another nation, partner with us to see it turn because the wake may result in your nation turning toward God! Let’s all join as one body to take hold of the helm and turn this ship called America back to God.


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