The Blessings of Uncompromising Trust in God

By Kathi Pelton

In 2 Chronicles 14-16 we read about Judah’s King Asa. His story begins with the words, “Asa did what was good and right in the sight of the Lord his God.”

King Asa tore down all of the pagan altars and told the people of Judah, “Seek the Lord God and carry out his instructions and commandments.” Because of the king’s dedication to the Lord, the land and his people experienced great peace and rest from their troubled former years. They were able to hold the land because of their covenant with God.

2 Chronicles 14:7 says, “…The land is still ours because we sought the Lord our God. We sought Him and He gave us rest on every side.”

King Asa kept his uncompromising vow to seek the Lord his God for the first 36 years of his reign— and the land and the people enjoyed peace and rest.

This story is such a wonderful example of what a nation looks like when they turn to God alone as the one they put their trust in. It is no different with our individual lives— as we live a life of uncompromising trust in God alone we will find peace and rest.

Unfortunately, in his 37th year as king, he compromised his trust in God alone by making a treaty with another. When this happened he was rebuked by “the seer Hanani.” This caused him to act in pride and he imprisoned the man of God. This began his quick decline and ultimate death due to a disease that attacked his feet. This is why we cannot let our feet stray from trusting in God alone.

Many people put their trust in the “gods of this world.” Many are depending upon the power of men to save and deliver them but it is only when a nation or a person puts their trust in God alone that they experience peace and rest. Their feet are established in the blessings of the Lord.

Many years ago the Lord dealt with my heart regarding compromising my trust when trials would come. He did a deep work in my heart that caused me to trust him in a way that brought peace the the deepest parts of my soul and ultimately, peace to our household. Prior to this work of his Spirit in my heart, I would see trouble approaching and rather than only calling upon Yahweh for help, I would begin devising a plan of escape that created a scenario that compromised my trust in God alone. This almost always resulted in creating a pathway for my feet into a battle God didn’t intend for me to walk into. Learning uncompromising trust in God has been the one greatest gifts I have ever known. Peace and rest are priceless in a world that creates an atmosphere of chaos as it trusts in other gods.

One of King Asa’s prayers (when an army was approaching Judah) was this,

“Lord, there is no one besides You to help the mighty and those without strength. Help us, Lord our God, for we depend on You, and in Your name we have come against this large army. Yahweh, You are our God. Do not let mere mortal hinder You.”

God gave them a great victory (even routing the enemy army away from them so that they could pursue them and overtake them.)

Whether you are leading a family, a business, a ministry or a nation— true peace and rest only comes through an uncompromising posture of trust in God and keeping his commandments. King Asa was such an amazing example of this during his first 36 years of reigning over Judah. Compromising your trust and making “peace treaties” with other gods (other things that you have put your trust in) will merely result in your downfall.

Today you can break every treaty (alignment or agreement) with anything and anyone that you’ve trusted in, other than God alone. He is your help, your defense, your provider, your Savior, your peace and your rest! Make a peace treaty with Yahweh and watch peace and rest come to the land of your life!


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