Will You Stand In Prayer With Us?

Dear Friends,

Would you join me in praying for a man that is very precious to me and my family. His name is Steve Trujillo and he is the founding pastor/leader at Father’s House Portland where we are on the senior leadership team. He and his wife, Deborah, as well as their two adult children have ministered alongside us and are very close friends to us.

Steve has glioblastoma which is an aggressive brain cancer that the medical community has no cure for at this time. His condition has become serious and we need a miracle to see him healed. Will you join me in believing and declaring a miracle in his physical body? And please pray for his family— Deborah, Tony & Marissa.

We have also created a family fundraiser to help with the alternative treatments he is receiving and for all of the expenses that are accumulating due to this condition.

Steve and his family have served the Lord faithfully and labored to see the Kingdom of God come to earth as it is in heaven (especially here in Portland) without compromise or wavering. Steve is a hero of the faith! He is respected and known for city transformation not only in Oregon but in many states throughout the nation. Even men like Lou Engle have joined alongside him in prayer initiatives in Washington DC.

Or you can scan the QR code on the attached photo of Steve and his beautiful family.

Here is the link to the family fundraiser page that we’ve created— please share it even if you don’t personally know them. This is deep on my heart.

THANK YOU from the depths of my heart!



5 thoughts on “Will You Stand In Prayer With Us?

  1. Hi Kathi So you know — the link went to 404 page not found, when I clicked on it. Praying for your dear friend and for a miracle! Heidi Sent from Rogers Yahoo Mail on Android


  2. Dear Kathi,

    I will absolutely stand in prayer with you guys for him.

    May I offer a solution? There are two simple homeopathic medicines that doctors in India have published studies on that showed complete regression in 86% of their glioblastoma patients.

    These medicines are easy to obtain, easy to administer, and they do not interfere with any pharmaceuticals (other than perhaps to make them unnecessary).

    Please let me know if they are interested in this information. I know it can be tough to consider something that may be unfamiliar, but it could literally be life-saving in this case!

    Praying for him! Elisa

    PS – Unfortunately, many conventional doctors are not open to homeopathic medicine bc they did not learn about it in medical school, and they are incentivized/pressured to use expensive equipment and patented pharmaceuticals. In fact, homeopathy was the dominant (and very effective) form of medicine in this country until Rockefeller pushed it out of medical textbooks in the 1920s in favor of his petrochemical byproducts, and the creation of the AMA was for the purpose of eradicating homeopathy now that they had penicillin, etc. All this to say that homeopathy is in the people’s interest, but not in the medical-industrial complex’s interest!


    • Thank you! Steve is on a homeopathic treatment (including one out of India). They are spending many thousands of dollars on these alternative treatments. You can suggest them and I can pass them along to Steve’s wife, who is very educated in homeopathic medicine. He is not taking any pharmaceutical meds except anti seizer meds. We are definitely seeing signs of him being in the final stages so we are praying and doing all God shows us to do.


      • Oh, that’s so great to hear! I have used many homeopathic medicines recommended by the doctors Prasanta and Pratip Banerji with great success. From this published book (https://www.intechopen.com/chapters/26491) comes the following information: Brain tumor: Ruta graveolens 6C, twice daily, Calcarea phosphorica 3X, twice daily Then there are specific medicines for seizures, headache (Arnica montana 3C mixed with Cuprum metallicum 6C), confusion (Helleborus 30C liq. twice a day), cerebral edema (Lycopodium liq. 30C twice a day), hemoptysis (Ferrum phos 3X, 5 tablets, as needed), pleural effusion (Lycopodium 30C liq. thrice a day).


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