Making Room For What is About to be Birthed

Kathi Pelton

I was shown a vision of Mary, pregnant with our Messiah, going from person to person and knocking on the door of their hearts to see if there was room for what was about to be birthed. Then I heard the words,

“Make room, make room, make room!”

Our precious Savior is looking for places to birth what heaven is ready to bring upon the earth. It is not one place or one life, but for all who will make room for Him.

What does it look like to make room? I believe that it looks like yielding our will and surrendering our thoughts to receive His. Yielding is to give room and time to allow the Spirit of the Lord to move. It is to give “right of way” to the Spirit of God by moving out of the way.

I am hearing the Lord say,

“If My people will only yield to My Spirit, then the land will yield a great harvest of fruitfulness.”

This is the land of our individual lives, the actual lands that we live in, the land of our families, the land of our promises, and the land of generations yet to come. We will see “on earth as it is in heaven” made manifest in the coming days.

I hear the Spirit say, “Yield to My will alone.”

His ways are not our ways. We must lay down our thoughts, our opinions, our wisdom, our demands, our rights and yield to His ways. Our unyielded thoughts and opinions, when enforced, will only serve to birth counterfeits of God’s perfect will. If I had relied on “my” thoughts throughout my life, I would have picked the wrong person to spend my life with, the wrong life directions, and made a lot of wrong decisions. The surrender to His ways and His will made room for the birthing of His plans for my life.

I hear in my spirit the words that Mary spoke in Luke 1:38 when the angel of the Lord appeared to her to announce that she would conceive a child. Her response was to yield and surrender to that which she did not understand by saying,

“Be it unto me according to your word.”

I hear her words in my heart once again today. Do we understand the weight and fullness of yielding and surrender that was requires in this statement? There was no grid for what had been spoken to her; the Spirit impregnating a young virgin girl to carry the long awaited Messiah! Mary’s yielding required her to make room for that which she had no understanding of. It was a posture of the surrendering her will and saying that her trust in the Lord was enough to face what was ahead.

To make room in our lives for God to do what He desires to do requires our surrender to His will and not our own. This makes room for what our God wants to bring forth at this time— and on earth at this time. Mary’s response cleared the way for the manifestation of what was spoken by the angel of the Lord.

Will God find room in our hearts in this hour? Is there room enough, through the yielding and surrender of our wills for God to come in and birth what He is carrying in His heart? Will His Church be the “inn” that has made room for Him or will He have to find a manger once again to birth His purposes and plans?

Pray with me the words that Mary prayed that made room for Jesus,


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